Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Started out cold then warmed up nicely, made some soup and muffins because I could.

Where are we today ?
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         Hey it was cold yesterday and even colder last night. Was 35 F (1C) at 5:30 this morning and chilly inside 45F. So quickly turned our propane heater on and in no time a comfy 72F inside.
        Then at 6 am I put our ham bone on to boil make a pot  of  Hurst's Ham Bean soup from this mix we buy in the states and love. Not willing to walkabout right yet with  36F weather that feels like 25 F with the wind chill. I drove around the park then to the Arkona market and filled up our 5 gallon jug of RO water for drinking and cooking. Then home to finish making my soup.  Hey the sun came out for a bit and sure feels wonderful and no rain is good.  
Love this soup mix
this ham bone made nice broth for the soup
and lotsa ham hom add
the sun coming out finally and getting warmer
soup is done too late for lunch
we will enjoy some  for supper
         So after lunch a nice walkabout the park, chat with a few people I have not seen since last year, CeCe's smiling face in the office with Kristy and Rob Russel, nice to see these friendly faces again and catch up. Also ran into Paul (AJ'S father) was here moving his trailer into storage. Even though cooler   the sunshine sure was nicely warming things up.
      Back home decided to bake a few blueberry muffins from this mix I pick up, again in the states. Quick and easy makes 5 very tasty muffins. And of course makes our house smell wonderful.
so very tasty had to sample one right out of the oven
a few kids here enjoy the campground
        Another walkabout around the park enjoying the warm sunshine and spotted a Limo at the Club house. Wedding party ! A couple is getting married here today and having their reception as well. They do make good use of the clubhouse here.
wedding party heading in
love the top hat on this limo driver
        Now to read my KOBO for a while before Happy Hour at Gerry and Melinda's  3 pm. And we even get to visit Tucker and they are dog sitting Joe's dog Choco, so Suzie got 2 doggie fixes.
they always love Suzie
Gerry showing us stuff on his monster computer monitor 
Choo helping me compute 
Gerry and Suzie computing with Tucker helping out
          Soon time to head home at 4:30 whip up supper.Tonight a couple of turkey burgers on our Weber Q  heating up some English muffins in foil.
our Weber Q is loving this weather
 a tasty Turkey Burger and soup , did the trick tonight
then a nice sunset I managed to get last night
will see what tonight brings later
     It was nice o enjoy some outside weather this afternoon and posting this blog outside as well after supper No wind and a almost comfortable 55 f (12C) we are enjoying.
     That was our fun day warming more than predicted and getting some things taken care of.
      Glad that you stopped in for a peak and hope y'all had a great spring day as well.

     Hmm not sure what happened with my fonts on this posting, I was fooling with my settings and things went kinda wonky.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

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