Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, April 26, 2019

Not a great weather day, but we had fun anyway, keeping warm.

Where are we today ?
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       Wow it really cooled down overnight just like predicted and heavy rains as well. 38F (3C) at 6am. Still raining windy and foggy, No visible sunrise today. Needless to say no walkabout this morning. So I took a drive to Forest for a few things and the fields along way all flooded. One stop I made was the Beer store in Forest. Asked for our regular beer Laker Light and for the deal on 2 cases. She  said $35.95 for 24 bottles. Hmm told her I bought some from the Beer store in new Hamburg  Laker has a deal two cases (24 bottles) for $60.00. She called another guy out and they checked their computer for a while. Hey look at that, 2 cases for 60 bucks! Wow, we did not know they said. I told them all Laker beer has this deal. She again checked, yes they do. I don't need 2 right now but to save 12 bucks we will take it, better in our pockets than theirs.
        By noon it had warmed all the way to 44F (6C) still rain, and a very cold NW wind with gusts to 37 mph. Not much a of picture day at all with this not so nice weather.
    After lunch I replaced a couple of cabinet latches then we enjoyed our e-readers for a while. Next project get our satellite dish working again. Not sure why but we have lost signal. So I check the connections on the dish reset the dish where I thought it should be. Thinking I will go back and check it with the TV  on. What the heck! Got a 99% signal =perfect. Yet last night and this morning I could not get a signal at all. Hmmm must be ghosts here fiddling with me.
     I went for a short walk to the office to by 2 more cabinet latches they have there in the rv parts stuff replenish my parts inventory. They were a good price so why not? And of course the smiling friendly face of Kristy at the desk, always nice to deal with her. And while there chatted with fellow rvers just stopping by Pieter and Janny, have not seen them since last summer. They are doing well too.
     Back to reading s some more and almost had some sunshine and did warm up to 52F (11.C) a bit better but still that cold NW wind.
      Then later this afternoon we got SUNSHINE yeah !! Still cold and windy but I did get a few pictures taken outside .
the view out our dinning room window over to the falls
entrance to the campground
       I took a short drive around the park, not many people here this weekend still pretty cold and the water not supposed to be turned on until next weekend.
nobody in the valley but still pretty wet there
the corner beside us is wonderful
         Reading and enjoying our comfy inside day, and a quiet Happy hour, time for supper. Our Weber Q is partly protected from the wind so fired it up and grilled a couple of store made Farmer's sausage from the Foodland in Forest. These are a very tasty pork sausage that we enjoy.
not too windy here so the Weber Q can be working
not sure what happened to our satellite dish
but is working fine now
can smell these grilling oh smells wonderful
yum, our tasty salad and this very tasty sausage
         No matter the weather we can enjoy everyday of this lifestyle, always something to keep us busy, being a repair, cleaning, reading, walkabouts, visiting or what I love to do make our meals. I enjoy cooking and we both enjoy eating.
       Gonna wrap up this posting for today, read a bit more and maybe later catch a sunset photo and if I do you will see it tomorrow.
      Thanks once again for checking us out and I just know y'all had a wonderful day as well. some readers are too hot and then some like us too cold all depends where you are at.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

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