Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, April 01, 2019

A nice relaxing day here on Grove Oklahoma.

Where are we today ?
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       Another good nights sleep totally comfy inside.  Then up as usual at 4 am and was 28F outside yup it is cold. Enjoyed my oatmeal, coffees and quiet morning reading. Then at 7 am took  nice long walkabout the campground. Down around the lake, enjoying another nice sunrise. It was quite nice out even at 30 F there was no wind at all,. Back home  Suzie and I discussed some of our travel options, checking our routes and weather. Added a bit more water to our fresh water tank then disconnect the hose again , supposed to be below freezing again tonight. Then a tasty light lunch.
these ducks just wandering about
       Down  by the lake this morning I enjoyed a nice sunrise.
love the sunrises here
a  nice fishing hut on the lake
        I wandered  around some nice cabins they rent here as well.
      After lunch I took a drive about the area for a bit and picked up a couple of things. Waiting for the day to warm up a bit more. but so far overcast and just a light breeze, this is ok.
       We did get our chairs outside to read for a while off and on and a comfortable 65F after some  sunshine. A bit chilly but we just put on an extra sweater and were good. I came inside for a bit and tried once again to adjust our one sliding door roller on the bottom. Need the roller to drop down into the track to keep the door square. No matter what I tried, no luck. Hmm tried to remove the roller but again no luck. It needs to be extended downward to get it off. The door still works but we need to be careful with it.
   Another walkabout I spotted a few Canada geese , hanging out, ready the north like we are doing.
these geese ready to head north as well
         While we were enjoying some reading time outside Bella  came by for a visit , always nice to see her stop by for a visit and a rub, what a sweetie.
        Happy hour for us, we chatted for a while and enjoyed a tasty snack, below.
these are very tasty
     Soon time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of boneless, skinless chicken  breasts on our grill mat and this very tasty Bourbon BBQ sauce.
not long these are grilled to perfection
added to our salad hit the spot
         Still outside at 7:30 managed to catch another nice sunset here to and another wonderful day here.
gotta love these sunsets
       That was it for another great day here in Grove Oklahoma  Thanks again for stopping on by.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Love the sunrise and sunsets you are getting. The nights are great for sleeping and the day's seem nice enough.

    1. Thanks so wonderful all around us here all the wonderful views. The cool nights are great for sleeping and nice enough to sit outside during the day as well.

  2. A wonderful sunrise picture. Sounds like a very nice relaxing type of day that you both enjoyed.

  3. Bella is just a sweetheart. I love how friendly she is. I finally found some of the bourbon bbq sauce. Can't wait to try it!! By the way, it's WAY too chilly there!!

    1. Bella is a sweetie, friendly but wary, enjoy that BBQ sauce we love it, It was chilly, warming up nicely now.

  4. I like both of your sun shots. Bella sure is a pretty dog.

  5. Beautiful sunrise! Yes it sounds cool but so beautiful and you certainly make the best of it! Did the fishing derby go over the weekend? That' is really a nice park! Bella is adorable, they are such loving breeds! Dinner looks awesome and so was your sunset!

    1. It is warming up nicely now, and we do enjoy this park. The fishing derby did go, but we didn't go back was too cold to be out there in the open for us. Thanks guys it was a perfect day.

  6. Bella looks like she would like to adopt you and to come along. If you think it's cold where you are, guess what we are experiencing here? Don't rush home just yet.

    1. Bella likes to visit , but think she enjoys all the different people in this park. We are not rushing and keeping an eye on the weather there.


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