Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 04, 2015

We did it all, doggie fixes, travel, amazing dinner !, great company, excellent camp grounds, more hockey and then some...

Where are we today ?
        Yesterday we had a quick change of our original plan. Supposed to be at Rock Glen until Monday. And because we can erase and change the chalk board we did. Had an invite to Suzie's Sister's  Rose and Ross for  supper. Ok thats wonderful to actually spend some time with them and never turn down a meal when someone else is cooking either.
        So we took our time securing the coach, walkabouts and just puttered around then left right after lunch about noon. Did say see ya later to a few friends here and 3 doggie fixes for Suzie, only got 2 pictures missed taking one of Monkey (he's a dog)
Tucker stopped by
Freddie too
       Only about an hour's drive to Tavistock, just a stop near Stratford topped up our propane only 51 cents a litre, very reasonable.
        Backed into Rose and Ross's place tucked in beside some of their work trucks and trailers. 
        Got there just in time for a 2:30 hockey game at the Tavistock arena, Great Nephew Cooper playing. Following in his father's and grandfather's foot steps playing hockey. They both had hockey scholarships in the USA and quite possibly he will too. This is the first game of his we have seen, but only 15 minutes there and the whole town of Tavi power is out. Ends that game darn.... Power was out about and hour or so. Back to their house and turned on his back up generator, no problem there. 
Thats Cooper number 3
everyone in the arena lobby but
 the power did not come back on
        Back to their house and gonna whip up supper. Now look at what we having! Fresh live Lobster! from Caudle's Catch an amazing seafood store in Kitchener.
we gonna have a feast
still alive and kicking ready for the hot pot,
the Lobster, not Ross.
He's alive but doing the cooking
Now is this a feast our what!
Amazing meal and great company,
oh yeah dig in, 
         Now at 7pm back to the Tavi arena their son is playing hockey. Think the last time we saw him play was when he was in Kalamazoo Michigan, over 10 years ago. Wow is that something to see College hockey in the States.
Thats him there number 3 defence, just like his son and his dad
it was a tight game, but they were defeated in overtime
          So last night when we crawled to our coach about 11 pm way past our bedtime so no posting.
          Up early as usual though and after some coffee and computing we were invited in for yet another meal! Bacon and eggs another treat that we love too.
love the smell of bacon and eggs cooking,
especially when I and not making it seems to smell better
        Thanks for the great time guys, but we gotta move on, they have things to do we just heading down the road to Plattsville (20 minutes), back to camp awesome for a while before we head south.
         Quick setup, picked up a few groceries and mowed a bit of lawn before grandson number 1 hockey practice at the Plattsville arena at 1:30.
thats hime in the centre
           After practice back to mowing a bit more lawn while Suzie did a quick visit with her Mom and Dad in Hew Hamburg. Now time to whip up supper, couple Onion Parsley Turkey Burgers, a salad and some more of this tender sweet white corn.
Then to wind up a perfect weekend, caught a glimpse
of the end of a very nice sunset 
        That was a fun busy couple days, think its time to put my feet up and relax a bit.
        Thanks for stopping in and hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Looks like you had a great day with friends and family.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. WOW...Rose and Ross have the widest driveway I have ever seen. Lobsters! Well aren't you two living the high life!

    1. The driveway is interlocking stone , his business and needs it large for all their equipment.
      This is the high life, they do spoil us !

  3. I also noticed who was wearing the apron.

    1. Ross did all the cooking, the apron was to keep my shirt clean, eating Lobster can be a messy job, but thats part of the fun.

  4. They fed you well - hard to beat a plate full of fresh cooked whole lobster.

    1. That's right Larry, real hard to top that one !

  5. I've been noticing that you are invited out for meals quite a bit, do you ever invite supper guests to your home?
    Looks like you had wonderful high-end meals this weekend. Enjoy your blog"!

    1. Thanks for following us Marie.
      The meals were amazing.
      Yes we have had people to our house for a meal quite a few times, mostly in the nice weather though.

  6. Wow - what happened to relaxing? You guys will have forgotten how to do that if you keep up this pace. lol Good food and good hockey - doesn't really get much better does it.

    1. Oh we know how to relax, that why we have some down times away, off season in a campground.
      The food excellent, as well as the company and the hockey.

  7. I have discovered we make plans just so we can change them. It gives us something to do.


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