Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Light rainy travel day, and lost an hour in construction but gained it back with the time change. In 3 states again.

Where are we today ?
          Another quiet night and a good sleep. Actually slept later than usual almost 6 am when I got up ! The usual coffees and computing, walkabouts the Flying J, love looking at all the trucks. Grabbed Suzie a French Vanilla Cappuccino, (free with our Good Sam Card). Gotta like free parking, cheap fuel and free coffee. 
        This morning we heading to another Flying J for the night Effingham Illinois 339 miles.
339 miles today
          So glad we fuelled yesterday when we arrived for $2. a gallon shortly after that the price went up to $2.19.9 a gallon. Glad we don't have a diesel coach too, quite a bit more.
Monday just after we fuelled for $2.00 a gallon
         We waited until 8:20 this morning before hitting the road hoping to miss the rush hour traffic in Columbus Ohio. No problem we missed the rush hour clear sailing!
         That is until we got past Columbus onto I-70 west, construction. Narrowed from 3 lanes to one lane took us one hour to go 5 miles. No problem we in our house, I can read, and crawl along bit by bit. So we lost an hour here, but we gained an hour with the time change in Illinois. 
         From Ohio we passed through Indiana and Indianapolis into Illinois, no problem clear sailing again other than a light rain almost all day. Don't mind the light rain as long as we had no wind and freezing stuff. We do stop at every rest area, get out a stretch check the tires and stuff then all refreshed and ready to move on down the road.
       Just into Illinois we stopped at the welcome centre rest area, walkabout and made bit to eat for lunch. Really love all the convenient rest areas here on the Interstates, easy on easy off and lots parking too.
Suzie my co-pilot enjoying a good read,
 when not navigating for me
        We arrived at our destination (Flying J Effingham Illinois) 3:40pm but 2:40pm local time. Thats enough travelling for one day. Fuel up the coach even better price than yesterday with our Good Sam discount $1.96.9 a gallon ($2.61.3 Canadian) = .69 cents a litre, another good deal.
         Thats it, we done for the day. Park our coach read and compute for a while. Walkabout the lot and store checking out all the trucks coming and going. We do love staying here always something going on. And not too noisy either that it bothers us.
we cosy here
         Looking out the window just watching the rain come down and the trucks, never ending it seems.
         Soon time for supper, so tonight I have a couple boneless pork loin chops thawed out. Gonna do a "Shake and Bake" in the oven. A real tasty treat for us that we used to do all the time. BF = Before fulltiming.
so tender, tasty and juicy
        Just whipped up a salad to go with the chops and we good to go. paper plates again, so no dishes for Suzie, Gotta keep her happy too.
wonderful change of pace
         Another good travel day behind us making good time, not too scenic with the rain all day but we take it as it comes. We safe and comfy in our house and heading to the southwest for the winter months, whats not to love about that ?
          The Flying J's work for us with longer travel days.easy fillups with the RV islands, usually lotsa parking away from the trucks, close to the highway, 24 hour security and the Good Sam discounts. Not for everyone but we like them. Sometimes  a Walmart , a casino or other places work too, just depends on our moods.
          Hope you had a good day too, wherever you are. Thanks for stopping in.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. You are rolling well. And it's all good. Safe journey.

    1. Yes we just moving right along. Enjoying it all.

  2. Glad to read that you're not getting really bad weather. Weather guessers are saying bad things headed our way.
    Travel Safe and Enjoy yourselves!

    It's about time.

    1. We just enjoying getting on the road again, we can handle most any weather, except the snow and ice.

  3. Looks like you are having smooth sailing. That's always a good thing. Flying J's work for us when we're just "sailing" through an area too.

    1. Yep they work great.
      nice to be moving again.

  4. Looks like you're making good progress on the journey - be safe.

  5. I'm with you, I like the Flying Js (and Walmarts too). They are RV friendly and I appreciate the RV lanes. I have a diesel MH and don't like fueling up on the truck islands, the pump handle is so big and heavy and flows so fast that no matter how carefully I try, I do spill some fuel. With the price of diesel being so much, I hate to see it spill on the ground. :c)

    1. The Rv lanes are nice especially towing the car, lotsa room.
      And if we don't like the Flying J, Walmart is out next choice for the night.

  6. We have stayed in Flying J a couple of times and it was good, I will have to watch out for more of them. You are finding some real bargains for gas!

    1. Most of the Flying j's are pretty good, but you need to get there early to find a good spot.
      Even better gas prices today,


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