Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Huge tree removal, visit both moms, sunny hot afternoon and a hockey practice,

Where are we today ?
           What a wonderful clear cold morning today, almost reminds us of the Arizona desert in January. Just below freezing and frost on the car windows. So turn on the heat to warm our coach until the sun comes up. Clear morning sky and a nice view of the moon at 7 am. Looks like a bright star or satellite right close to it.
moon and ?
think that is an interesting morning cloud
frost on the car windows
           Walkabout town and noticed a fog down the road, over the Nith river. But gonna warm up soon.
          Back to Camp Awesome and watched these trucks pull in and 1/2 way down the 5 acres. At 9 am, a Tree removal service. Hmm gonna wander on down see what they doing. Looking like we will have some excitement here today.
Complete Tree Service
       They are removing that huge Willow tree below on the left, that has grown so fast and has damaged Bob's deck as well as his and the neighbor's fence. So I gotta watch this for a while, I do have some time ya know.
thats one huge tree
getting the bucket on the crane
all geared up
        Love watching the process as these guys really know what they are doing. One guy in the bucket straps on the limbs, the guy in blue with the chainsaw, and one on the ground with a guide rope. Crane operator, and another cutting up the limbs as they come down.
cutting the first limb
first small limb removed, its huge 
         One limb at a time from the top down.
another huge limb
the limbs being cut up here
almost done
feeding the brush and small limbs into a very large chipper 
some of the large limbs on this trailer
slightly smaller limbs fill this trailer
           Now this pic below was taken at 2:30 they were all done , all cleaned up and no signs that they were even here.  These guys do a good job and know their stuff. Not sure what they will do with the wood, willow is no good for firewood. I had a huge one fall in my yard 30 years ago, cut it up and dried over the summer. Tried in our wood stove (we heated our house with wood at the time) and  just burn like nothing, Poof gone, next to no heat at all.
all cleaned up
         While this work was in progress I dropped Suzie in New Hamburg to visit her mom for a bit and I stopped into Kitchener to visit my Ma for a while. Then back pick up Suzie and home for lunch. 
         We even had time to enjoy some excellent time outside get some reading done (when not watching the tree cutting) and enjoy the heat from the afternoon sun. 92F (in the sun) sure feels wonderful.
        While reading, a friend Randy (fellow newbie, fulltime Rv'er) stopped by for a short visit and catch up. Nice to see him.  They heading south about 2 days after us may even see them somewhere in our travels.
        Then I do my cooking stuff, whip up supper. Grilled a couple marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts for a chicken burger accompanied by our usual salad.
very tasty
       Then at 6 pm down to the Plattsville Arena to watch Grandson number 4 for his hockey practice. Try and see them when we are in the area. He is playing on the Novice Rep team.
he is doing very well, amazing to see those short legs
move him down the ice, lightning speed
      Now that was another busy fun day we had, always find interesting things to do every day, while we are waiting for "Blast Off".
       Thanks for checking us out and if you are in the neighbourhood drop in.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Moon and Venus.
    Oh my! Usually bad words are four letters. This one is an exception.
    Watching those guys make me nervous. We had a couple of huge trees taken down at our first house. I couldn't watch.

    1. That was venus?
      Cool thanks for the info, was wondering.
      Ice yeah just on the car windows though.
      These guys were very safe workers, knew their stuff.

  2. Ice means it's cold there. It looks like you were really entertained watching those folks do all the work but better them than you.

    1. It's only cold over night the rest of the day was wonderful.
      It was fun to watch how they actually do it.

  3. Good and warm here. In fact it is on the hot side. My son just got back from working up on the north shore of Alaska and he went from really cold to really hot with in the day it took him to get back home.

    1. A pretty drastic change for hime, but worth it I am sure.

  4. Just had a feller here this afternoon sizing up some trimming that needs to be done. I cringed slightly at the price, but it's work that I'd certainly never tackle. Fun to watch though.

    1. It was fun to watch, and would not be cheap.
      Here there was 5 men , 5 hours plus all the equipment, but it needed to be done.

  5. Interesting operation to get such a big tree down. Something to watch for sure - from a safe distance.

    1. It was very interesting to watch and see how they did it without doing any damage to the houses around.

  6. That's a far cry from cut the tree, yell four, and hope it doesn't land on something expensive - I enjoyed the process.

    1. It was a big process, but houses and fences all around it, they did an awesome job.

  7. With that ice on the car window, maybe you need to speed up your departure countdown counter! :cO

    1. We would love to, but the weather should be a bit better for a while yet.

  8. Yet another busy day in your lives. Nice to see that temperature on you outdoor thermometer.


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