Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween fun, good friends, good times and good food. Does it get much better?

Where are we today ?
      Overcast day, and the campground is pretty well full, Halloween weekend is a major event here. Lots going on and lots to do for the little kids and us older ones too.
      I took way to many pictures but we had way too much fun. A Kind of long busy day but we don't do this often and enjoy seeing our friends most of them here only once a year.
      After I posted last night we sat around a campfire for a while just cause we could, most of these guys were here later, so just gotta do it for a bit, but then got too cold.
         After we got home warmed up and headed to bed. Great bights sleep and up early for a few walkabouts. Then the others guys were mobile and about, we decided to go for Breakfast at 8 am.
Suzie getting a doggie fix with
Cocoa and Barnaby
     A 10 minute drive to Ransomville New York a small hamlet population about 1,200 people. The food and service was excellent and very reasonable. Would recommend it for sure. Prompt good service for our table of 8. And done exactly the way we all wanted.
Suzie's Omelette, home fries
toast, homemade bread too.
Me bacon eggs, homefries,
fresh baked Italian bread toasted
         Then we head back to Lazy Lakes, putter around for a while and they begin setting up slow cookers so we could nibble on food throughout the day. And we had a lot of food!
Mind you there was a total of 15 of us all together, worked out great, just snack and nibble the day away.
Love Barb's shirt
Gummy worms marinated in
Raspberry Vodka
These worms have a kick
Oranges marinated in Tequila,
another wow!
       We had Chowder, beans, Macaroni and cheese, cheese and crackers, nachos and dip. Kim's Caviar, pulled pork, veggies and dips, we had it all, great for nibbling and socializing all day long.
I made these mini sausages
 wrapped in crescent rolls
4 dozen gone in minutes
      We did have some occasional rain and it was quite cool, I had on 3 t shirts, a flannel shirt, my vest and 2 hoodies, heavy winter socks so I was toasty warm. Plus my Toque  under my Palm leaf hat. We also had our umbrellas and a campfire going. What a great day.
Kim's Caviar? Not sure what's in
other than veggies it but very tasty.
        Now Kim made an Apple pie Sangria, 2 huge bowls, Fireball cinnamon Whiskey, apple cider, apples and a bottle of white wine. Tastes just like apple pie with a kick.
Apple pie sangria
      Now I did some walkabouts and a drive about taking a few pictures of some nicely decorated sites for Halloween. These campers go all out ever year and there is a few hundred of them here too.
       Lots pics if you care to look most are self explanatory.
        Lunch time here in the park they served, Burgers, sausage, hot dogs and french fries if you care. We have more than enough food here.

Hay wagon rides from 2-4 pm
line up for the hay wagon, for almost 2 hours
at least 7 wagon loads
Kim has the adult treats, Sangria,
 gummy worms and oranges
        The trick or treating is from 4 till 6 pm We had enough candy for 200 kids one each. Suzie ran out after the first 30 minutes. the other guys were done before 5 pm they have enough for over 300, yep a busy fun day.
Kiddie treats here
Dancing in the street
         Handouts are all done so we gathered around the campfire chatting and telling stories , always fun around a campfire, even it it was pretty cool and damp.
       This picture below is Kim and her mom laughing. Kim was passing the veggie tray went Cocoa the dog pulled her chair and she went down, veggies and dip in the air. She was alright but we could all hardly stop laughing. Wish I had gotten a picture of it !
Barnaby found his way into a Kiddie chair
by the fire
It was getting late and cooler, began to drizzle again
So Barnaby says, you can go now, good night,
I want o go home to bed.
      We had an awesome day with good friends and good food. Glad you could stop by and join us. The rain held of perfect to the trick or treaters and it was not brutally cold.
       Thanks for stopping by again.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Now that was a Halloween party done right!

    1. We thought so, worked out to be a very fun day!

  2. That certainly looks like quite a gathering and quite a feast you all had. I love it when a restaurant feeds us the food we ordered perfectly and the way we ordered. That seems to rarely happen much anymore.

    1. We did have an awesome time as usual, nice to see everyone again.
      We don't normally do restaurants, is usually for a social gathering or a rare craving, most of the time pretty good.

  3. The food looked great. I can't believe how many photos you took.

    1. It was a great feast.
      That was only about half the photos I took, hard to narrow it down.

  4. Any chance you can share that recipe that tastes like apple pie with a kick?

    1. I don't have the recipe but pretty easy.
      Kim cut up a bunch of apples in 1/2 inch cubes, in a large bowl, cover them with about 3/4 bottle Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and soak overnight.
      Next day divide into 2 large bowls, add a bottle of white wine between the 2 bowls, and fill both with Apple cider.
      Then enjoy just like drinking apple pie, with the crunchy apple chunks.

  5. Looks like everyone had a big time with great food. That's a big omelette Suzie got.

    1. IT sure was a huge omelette, she could not finish it.

  6. Those poor gummy worms, drowned in vodka. At least they died happy.... :cD

    1. What a way to go and they made a lot of campers happy too.

  7. I think this was the best year yet. Loved all the photos and decorations and costums and food.

    1. Thanks it was pretty good, but did actually have some better many years ago before my blogging.


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