Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Foggy, cloudy, sunny, warm and cool but it was pretty nice weather, for this time of year, but the lady bugs are everywhere!

Where are we today ?
          My first walkabout town at 7 am as the sun was rising and the fog had not burned off yet was a very eery feeling as I walked down River road this morning.
across the road over the bean field
on the way back fog has lifted
heading back about 8:30 fog gone and quite nice
         The local farmers are taking the beans off the fields and now we get the lady bug invasion.
lady bugs everywhere and they bite!
        Sun  and shade all afternoon, shorts, t shirts, seat pants off and on but will take the warmth when we can get it. Now we actually had nowhere to go today and really got to enjoy some quality reading time outside, gotta love it. Few more walkabouts done as well.
a wonderful afternoon it was, we take advantage
 of it while its here
                 Now for supper tonight a couple Haddock fillets, pan fried they way Suzie loves it.
she likes the fish crisp so that what I do
            Does not take long, on our weber Q just like below.
Pan fried Haddock and a salad
sure hit the spot
           A very nice relaxing day we had just enjoying our time together, (just the 2 of us) and some very nice fall weather.
          Thanks for stopping in again, hope your day was as good as ours.
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  1. Ah ha! I see your little counter is back. Now we know when you hope to really hit the road again.

    1. Thanks for noticing, thats our plan and really hope it works this time, really gotta go soon.

  2. They are what they call Asian Lady Beetles. Different than the nice lady bugs. They are very invasive, they do bite and they stink if squashed. I won't kill a lady bug, but I will kill those suckers. We get them a lot in our sunroom and I go out there and spray them like crazy. Nasty little buggers.

    1. Thanks Ruth, like you said very invasive and a nuisance.

  3. Yep, Ruth was right on target. Those Asian Beatles are so annoying. I much prefer the English Beatles... :cD

  4. The English Beatles don't stink and actually carry a very nice tune! :S I'm with Ruth on the lady bugs, I can't kill them. Haven't seen these critters in the city though, are they more country bumkins?

    1. These Asian Beetles thrive mostly in the bean fields and help control the aphids, At harvest time they are disturbed and begin looking for places to hibernate for the winter.


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