Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day trip to Hermann and Swiss Missouri with perfect weather, gotta love it !

Where are we today ?
      Another great sleep last night and I thought I woke up at my usual time. My clock said 5:15 am perfect I thought. Got up, made coffee turned on my computer and the news from Ontario. Then about an hour later Suzie got up , Checked the time here in the Kitchen hmmm.. 5:15 am Guess I forgot to change my bedroom clock to the new time zone.  No problem we are morning people so got lotsa stuff done before the sun came up, just the way we like it. 

        About 7:30 I whipped to the Walmart in Owensville and picked up a few groceries. Back home before 9 am and Suzie had her shower and we can head on out.
         Today we want to go check out Hermann Missouri. There is 7 winery's ,1 distillery and 1 Micro brewery, wow we could spent days here ! Thats not our plan just want to check out the town. And it is a small town population 2,700 , now thats our style, no big cities for us. But it is a very touristy town too, Lotsa restaurants and gift shops. A lot of nice old buildings and German heritage is very prominent.

       The Tin Mill Brewery would have been nice to check out but not open yet. Maybe another time.
 Lots of German style pubs and restaurents.
Lewis and Clark crossed the Missouri river here in 1806
Amtrak train passing through town
Missouri River 
        Now to check out the Stone Hill Winery free tours and we arrived just as one was starting. The very interesting caverns(or whatever) for making and aging their wines. A very informative and interesting tour one of the best we have ever done.Tastings were offered at $5.00 per person but we passed, not really expensive wine drinkers. At 35 % exchange that would be over $13.00 Canadian just to sample their wines, besides it was 10:30 am.
interesting wine travel mug
lots f interesting wines here, but too expensive for us 
This is for the serious wine drinker,
Contessa you need one !
       Heading back home we had to stop at Swiss Sausage and Meats. We have been here a few times in the past and love all their products. We sampled lots and and enjoyed the tastings here, free! We like free.
           We did not leave empty handed as you can see below all chicken products except the Mini ham which is soo good, had it before.
stocking up again, but our freezer is only so big !
          Now heading back to camp, love the road names here all alphabet letters, our road is ZZ. Takes us to Lost Valley Lake. 
         Back home for lunch and did a load of laundry. Only had one load but how can you resist for only .75 cents to wash and .75 cents to dry. We good to go for a while again.
          With a beautiful sunny day and no wind we sat outside for a couple hours doing what we both enjoy, reading our e-readers, sure can't beat that, during our Happy hour.
        Of course while doing this fired up our Weber Q 100, grill a couple chicken thighs. Sure smells nice reading outside grilling chicken. Yep we love chicken.
the afternoon sun is going away but supper is done
time to head inside
2 acorn squash 1/4s and 2 chicken thighs
add a  fresh salad and did the trick
          That was our fun day relaxing and enjoy this wonderful weather and new places. Tomorrow back on the road heading west through Oklahoma and eventually southern Arizona at some point.
         Thanks for the visit and if you can find us drop on by. We friendly just take us as we are.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. We are heading in the same direction only a couple of days behind. We are presently in Cloverdale, Indiana with the hope of being south of St. Louis tomorrow. I always enjoy reading your posts and now I am getting ideas about were to stop along the way. Travel safe.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. Thanks for dropping in, lots to see and do along the way, we have seen a lot of things on this route but try to find new places to explore.

  2. Too funny George. Good idea, but these days I'm only pouring 1/2 glass at at time and sipping on that for a long while. Love those caves and all the barrels. Sounds like a neat tour. Safe travels in the morning.

    1. As soon as I saw that glass I thought of you, wonder why? LOL...

  3. It's fun to find different things to check out and see along the route. Glad you're enjoying yourself and having great weather.

    1. Its been a few years since we travelled this route so are enjoying it.

  4. Love the quaint little towns over the big cities too, George. It is why I'm anxious to follow in your footsteps next year. We've had enough of the big city traffic here in London. Looks like a great day, safe travels!

    1. Just enjoy the fresh air and scenery.
      I find most small towns have their own unique personality, always fun.

  5. Bea is from a wine area in Germany, and wine tasting draws hundred thousands of visitors to the area every year. Many of those tasters are getting drunk. All wine tasting there is FREE. Bea's grandpa had his own wine label and his own vineyard..

    1. Have not found many Free tastings around anymore, We always bought wine with a free tasting.

  6. I'd really enjoy a visit to that town... so much to see and do. (and eat and drink!).... Looks like you filled up your larder with wonderful goodies... yummy!

    1. It is a neat town to check out, and yes we are filled up again.

  7. Need to add Hermann Missouri to our list to visit. The 7 wineries caught my

    What a really neat town. We aren't very happy when they charge for tasting either.

  8. It is a neat small town, If you want wineries they have a bunch right there.


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