Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Hurry up and wait, Murphy is beetting us up, but we did get in a tour of Forty Creek Distillery was fun.

Where are we today ?
Grimsby Ontario Canada
            Well here we are back at the Supper 8 in Grimsby, got phone phone call from Terry Sicard last night. The first not good news, the second was better news. He told us he was putting 2 mechanics on our coach this morning and hopefully the fuel tank can be removed, new fuel pump installed and will be all done by Friday.        
         Had our free breakfast, juice, coffees, cereal, bagels and got a walkabout around the area, few blocks and down to the lake but was kinda foggy so not much to see there. 
         We are not indoor people so a hotel room is not what we enjoy at all. Gotta be out and about, walking or even reading in the shade.
Lake Ontario in the morning fog
       So we checked out from here 11 am and took a drive to see how things were going. I have researched this and know what they need to do. 
          On the way we stopped at Wendy's across the road and had a couple wraps for lunch and split a small fry, six bucks, not too bad.
nice fruit stand here, but we need
our house to buy stuff

           Removing the gas tank is not an easy job. First partially empty 4 rear compartments., Cut 4 holes to access the bolts holding the gas tank in place. Remove the 2 rear hydraulic jackets and cut the welds for the jack stabilizer's. Big job, they don't built these coaches to repair very well. All seems to be going pretty good so far.
        So we left there  and checked back into our room for another night. Its a hot day and we would love to be in our coach under the awning sitting in the shade enjoying our e readers but...
this room on the second floor, with a balcony
over the entrance , nice
           So get another room and choose to go across the road a do a tour of Forty Creek Distillery. they make some very good Canadian Rye Whiskey, actually one on the best. The link is here is ya like. And we have never toured a distillery before. Have you? Very interesting tour about 90 minutes in all. Our tour guide was great with lots of interesting information and stories.
one of the original stills
our tour guide an the amazing copper still
makes all the difference
aging oak barrels
each barrel is labelled 
bottling room, amazing
         Tour is done and we each get 3 samples, they are tiny but thats ok this is spirits and Suzie and I can share. So we sampled and choose two very interesting tastes that we both liked. Could have bought more but, this is Canada very expensive stuff.
The 2 we choose, the Oh Canada is only available
              The Oh Canada and has real Quebec maple syrup, tastes like 
Maple syrup with a slight kick excellent! 
Vanilla ice cream and would be awesome! How about on your pancakes or waffles for breakfast ?

          Back to our room by 3;30 walkabout check out the exercise room and a dip in the pool and hot tub, why not its here and not busy ?
small exercise room but would do
the pool nice and quiet here
        Now time for supper and no Weber Q ( we miss that already). But the Super store around the corner. So grabbed  1/2 BBQ' chicken and salad. Less then ten dollars and was excellent!
Add caption
an amazing supper right up our alley
      So there thats what we did, move out of our room check the RV and move back in for another night. Either our coach is ready tomorrow or not. Will see what happens then. This is a 3 day long weekend so plans are up in the air, but no matter what the weekend will happen and we will enjoy it. Last minute note my one hearing aid died yesterday on top of everything else, so needs to be sent out for repairs (next week). So plans are on hold for a while yet.
      Thanks for stopping by again and hope you enjoyed this last kick at hot summer weather, I know we did.
      Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Good golly what a challenge to get that tank out! You wish you could shoot the guy that designed that mess, don't you? ;c)

  2. Sounds like they built the coach around the RV - hopefully all will work out well

    1. It will work out eventually, just time and lotsa money.

  3. you may need those two bottles when you get your bill...

    1. That why we bought them before the repair bill, while we still had some money !

  4. Hope your home is ready to roll soon!

  5. It's good you've got things to see while a"way from your "home on wheels." Looks like you're in an interesting part of town too.

    1. This is a nice area to explore and hundreds of wineries as well.

  6. I am waiting on an RV repair guy to show up today and see if he can get my coach running again. I guess RVs are the same as boats. . . you know, a boat is just a hole in the water that you throw money into. (grin)

    1. Good luck with your coach.
      Yes they can be a large money pit.

  7. We have taken two tours of distilleries. I don't think I have ever seen Maple liqueur.

    Paul would go nuts if he had to stay in a hotel room for two We would have to get out and about like y'all.

    1. That what we have been doing out and about, a hotel room is not our style either.
      This Maple Liqueur is only available right here at the distillery.

  8. You'll need to do the bourbon tour in Kentucky some day. You get a "bourbon passport" and when you visit a certain amount stamped (I think it was 5) you send in your passport and get a free t-shirt.

    1. Now thats sounds like a fun tour too. Don't think we need any more t-shirts though.

  9. Not the kind of vacation you wanted. Hopefully you can move back into your RV for the weekend if they don't complete the job.

    1. Terry Sicard promised it would be done for the weekend and kept his word.


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