Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The rain is gone, and we had a fun day winding up with a nice Happy hour and a tasty supper.

Where are we today ? 
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     Yay no more rain overnight and our rivers have gone away.  So wonderful to see another bright sunrise this morning is exciting!
what a great way to start the day
      Got an early drive into town so quiet at this time of day and enjoyed the sunrise from various different places as well.
on my way home passed Patsy on her walkabout  
            Back home a nice walkabout for my first 2 miles and puttered around for a while enjoying this wonderful sunny day.
the garbage is pilling up with the shutdown 
        The about (9:30) Suzie an I decided to tour about Tyson well vendors before the crowds arrived this weekend. A good time to go and not too busy yet.
a lot of familiar vendors here 
lotsa food if you like
    So nice and  quiet right now  much busier later.

desert roses here
need skulls?
              Loving it not busy yet no large crowds
          Now the discount food place can always find deals here.
      Now after lunch I drove round the area to explore some more.
     We had a problem with our propane water heater and I went to pick Rob's brain for advice. Together we diagnosed the problem and took some things apart cleaned it up and now our propane water heater in no working once again. Thanks for your input and help Rob.
we made some adjustments and now works wonderful
with an amazing warm sunny day
we enjoyed some reading time outside in the shade
   On one of my drive arounds I noticed this interesting lift below these people have in their truck. 2 Harleys on the back of this truck another wonderful set up for them.
     Now it was 3:30 and time for Happy Hour so we choose a common area that we could all enjoy, Flap our gums for a while,  share some stories and have a few laughs. and enjoy this wonderful sunny afternoon.
yes we being happy
    As the sun was setting we all headed on home to whip up our suppers.
          I thought we had 2 pork chops but was a small pork loin roast after I thawed it out. No problem this does not take long  on our Weber Q.
nice small pork roast on our Weber Q
tasty? yup and hit the spot
and another wonderful desert sunset to
 wind up a perfect desert day
     We really had a fun day here and want to thank y"all for stopping on by.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Have you stopped for the rock show at the 'Q'? Lots of geodes and roses, the grand-girls like to crack the geodes. The 3rd Monday in January is our National Day of Service, MLK Day, sure hope there is a volunteer group to help with the trash.

    1. I picked up a bunch of Geodes a few years ago for the grands and they had fun with them. Something needs to be done with the trash not sure how that will get done,

  2. I understand the government shutdown ... what I don't understand is why people just keep producing so much trash. I probably have a very small bag once every other week. Maybe they should have someone there charging the $40 and hire a company to haul it off. Sad to see such a mess.

    1. It is very sad to see this mess.
      We do see a lot of people with huge garbage bags almost every day, too bad they don't recycle like in Canada, most of this trash can be recycled.

  3. It was a great day here in the desert. I hope the garbage issue gets dealt with soon. We usually can last over a week with our big bags but it is really too bad they don't recycle.

    1. It sure was a wonderful day enjoying the sunshine.
      The recycling sure does make a huge difference. We have a very small bag we like to get rid of everyday..

  4. Beautiful sunrise and sunset! ;) Wow hard to believe they let the garbage get like that! The vendors won't look like that come this're smart to go through there now and see some of the goodies. What a beautiful day you had after all that rain! Happy Hour looks wonderful out there in the sunshine!

    1. Thanks they skies here in the desert are always amazing. Our Happy hour was great here outside in the warm sun.

  5. It was a great day filled with wonderful sunshine and time visiting with friends.
    Hopefully the garbage will be taken care of soon.

    1. It sure was a wonderful day and visiting with friends a bonus as well.

  6. Recycling would make a huge difference to the amount of garbage being tossed. Hopefully something is done soon before the critters start scattering all over the place.
    Glad the rain has ended, makes the desert look so clean and spiffy for a few days.
    Happy hour looked fun!!

    1. Yes it sure would cut down a lot on the landfill. And yes if the critters get to it will be one heck of a mess.
      Happy hours are always fun.

  7. I always wondered where people got those skulls, now I know. Glad your weather picked up.

    1. You can find anything you want here in Quartzsite


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