Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 07, 2019

Foggy start to eventually a nice warm sunny day and more fun with our friends.

Where are we today ?
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       Another mild night good for sleeping about 48F at 4 am but very foggy. And it stayed foggy for quite a while. My first walkabout at 7 am for a mile or so, then at 9 am I went to Holtville for a few groceries and still very foggy. Even though the sun was high in the sky visibility was limited.
like this for a few hours this morning 
the sun is trying to soon burn off the fog
           I guess about 10 the fog finally lifted and it warmed up very nicely. By noon it was a comfortable 65 F with a slight breeze. Now this is another wonderful day here to enjoy. Took a nice walkabout around the area for a while and down the road to Ormesa 3, the Geothermal power plant behind this area, An interesting place they have here using the hot water from the ground to create electricity.
a nice walk down this quiet road
this be the entrance
an amazing geothermal plant right here
       Back home and enjoyed the warm afternoon sunshine getting right into our e-readers again for a while.
we do enjoy this area as one of our places to stop in our travels
       A bit later our good friends, Bill, Patsy, Rob and Pat came to visit more of our friends here. Oscar, Judy, Roland and Lori, just down from us. So we wandered over for a bit to join in the lively conversation,
Patsy taking a group picture
the I took mine
     They left about 3 pm (California Time) and we headed home for 30 minutes then back for Happy hour with the rest of this fun group of people. As usual lots of snacks they have here to nibble on. Got to be careful or we won't need supper.
more social time and the conversation flows
sharing tips and fun stories
yes too many snacks, but always tasty
people liked the crackers we had so this
is what they are , very tasty
        Home by 4:30 to fire up our Weber Q a grill some chicken drumsticks I picked up the other other day, 6 is too many , but they only cost 2 bucks, so may as well cook them anyway , more leftovers for snacks and lunches.
this is the rub we like
got in Texas
we stocked up
      As I was grilling the chicken on our grill mat I whipped up a salad and managed to catch a few nice nice sunset pictures just before it went away .
         By 5:30 these were done to perfection, and we enjoyed as much as we wanted. Like I said more leftovers.
a good deal for 2 bucks
that was our feast for tonight
      Dishes done, garbage gone, blog posted and we can veg in front of the tube for a bit before calling it a night after another wonderful warm winter day in the sun. This is the kind of winter weather we love.
      Thanks again for dropping on by.

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Nothing like visiting with friends and new acquaintances and of course enjoying all that good food. For some reason, your blog postings always make me hungry (grin).

    1. We always enjoy visiting with these people whenever we can, and sometimes too much good food as well.

  2. Tell them that Sharon and Jim will try to stop by early March to visit.

  3. Our day started out the same and sounds like it ended pretty much the same I got out and did some yard clean up It was nice to be out and about today. Used to really enjoy the happy hours.

    1. The fog really hung on this morning, but the sunshine sure was nice. The happy hours are fun and lots of information shared.

  4. Nice that the warm weather has returned to our area again.
    Keep on enjoying the desert!

  5. Fog in the desert ... never seen THAT before! Dinner looks delicious as usual. I'm ordering some of that rub!!

    1. It is rare but we have seen it before. We really enjoy this rub, I am sure you will too.

  6. What a great day once the fog rolled out. I can see you could get full from Happy Hour, what a nice group you had Twice! Nice you could have an early one with Patsy and gang and then again at 1530! Great looking dinner too!

    1. We don't need to have much for meals when here thats for sure. And 2 happy hours in one day was a bonus as well.

  7. Your chicken looks perfect with just the right amount of black.

  8. A wonderful day for sure. So many friends gathered must have been lively!!! Enjoy.

    1. It was an excellent day and lots of gum flapping going around as usual.

  9. Catching up...sounds like you have been having a wonderful time with your friends at the Hot Springs. You certainly have had some nice sunsets.

    1. Thanks for catching up, another area we love vista friends and more desert sunsets. What we are here for.

  10. Next time I am in the USA I will get some of those crackers.


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