Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sunny , warm and a nice visit from fellow bloggers

Where are we today ? 
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     Another nice day in the works. Supposed be sunny and warm with light winds, sounds good to me. 37F at 4 am but slowly warming up. Puttering around for a while and once the sun came up temperatures rise quickly. Got a nice walkabout finally, it has been a few days since I enjoyed an early morning one.
another wonderful desert sunrise
the sunrise reflecting on the mountains west of us
     During my walkabout I  enjoyed another desert sunrise.
this is why we are here
       On my walkabout I spotted this older Blue Bird coach heading on out in wonderful shaper below.
love these guys older Blue Birds
this be a newer Blue Bird, not our style
   Back home still early, nothing on the agenda that it occurred to me that Suzie would like me to make a date/ nut cake. Ok I can do that. Picked up a spice cake mix the other day.( I am a Lazy baker). I rarely bake anymore and to buy all the ingredients did not make much sense. Had some dates, a few chopped walnuts and bag of pecans that we picked at our Southern Trails park in Georgia. Mixed everything up and added to our mini loaf pan and baked us 8 mini loafs. That I will freeze very nicely for when we want a nibble.
this works for me
not pretty but oh so tasty
           Had a light tasty lunch then took a drive about town to a few vendors that I have not been to yet this year, a couple just off main st. across from the post office . lotsa cool stuff there for good prices.
           Back home I just pulled in and Suzie outside reading, A red pickup truck pulled in with Ontario Plates, Hmm, racking my brain and this lovely blonde lady gets out of the passenger side. Oh Yeah, a surprise visit from Marlene and Benno  (Marlene and Benno's Odessey's on Land and Water) fellow bloggers from Ontario that we have followed for quite a while and briefly met Marlene as we were pulling out of Pilot Knob resort few weeks ago.
       They had been to the tent this morning and brought their dogs along, a did managed for find us here in the desert.
       Of course Suzie got her doggie fix with the adorable tiny dogs they had. Reggy and Elsa. Suzie got some doggie kisses from Elsa.
such amazing dogs these are and so friendly
Elsa likse Suzie
       A surprise visit for us and so nice to actually meet both of them in person, Chatting, sharing stories and getting to know each other. A real bonus about meeting fellow bloggers.
left Marlene, Benno on the right
what a wonderful couple
       Then they visited Patsy and Bill for a while and headed back to the Yuma area.
       Soon time for Happy hour at 3 pm, even though a very sunny day we had a cool north wind we enjoyed a fun time here sheltered from most of the wind by Bill and Patsy's rig. Close to 2 hours, Sharing many more tips, telling stories and lies as most happy hours tend to do. A few laughs and always a good time.
another fun Happy Hour,  a chilly wind but we had enjoyed it
in the sun
most of todays skies we enjoyed
love Ken;'s blue hair
       Just before 5 pm I headed home to whip up our salad, preheat our Weber Q, Soon the sun will be setting.
         Grilled  couple of salmon fillets on foil and had a very tasty supper.
salad ,coleslaw and salmon
was excellent
supper about done and the sunset did
not disaapoint .
    What can I say? Just more fun here in the desert enjoying these wonderful blue sunny skies and fun with our friends .
     Want to thank y"all for dropping on by today. Hope you had great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. A very nice day for certain. We too found the wind cool. Glad you had a chance to spend some time meeting new folks. Always interesting.

    1. It was very nice, the breeze was cool but the sun hot loved it. I am glad that they dropped by for a visit and a chance to get to know them.

  2. You have met lots of friends in Q this year what fun that is. Happy you had great weather today it was cold here that just bit into bone, then late afternoon it was so nice I could open the door.

    1. Yes we have met quite a few this year in particular, The weather was wonderful just a cool breeze. Nice that it finally warmed up for you in the afternoon.

  3. We think alike. I just bought salmon to cook on the barbee. Hey ... your cakes look like mine!! LOL I bet they taste wonderful though!!

    1. The salmon was wonderful. And my cakes I knew I filled them too full, but they are just for us though and tasty.

  4. Always nice to meet fellow bloggers and swap tales. Sounds like the winds are creating havoc with happy hours but good to see it is not stopping you!

    1. It is fun meeting fellow bloggers. So many of us out there.
      We can usually fin a spot out of the wind to enjoy a happy hour.

  5. Another lovely day in paradise. It is getting warmer and less windy every day! Yahoo!

    1. It was a wonderful day , and warming up very nicely.

  6. Beautiful sunrise and sunset! I know your cakes aren't pretty but sure they are tasty..making them smaller makes sense, freeze and get out when you have a sweet craving. Looks like awesome weather for sure! Happy hour looks wonderful too.

    1. Thanks gotta love it here. The smaller cakes work for us and they were very tasty, even if not pretty.

  7. The sunrises and sunsets here never disappoint.
    We like those older Bluebirds, also. I think I took a picture of the same one yesterday.
    Always nice to have new/old friends visit.

    1. The desert skies are always amazing. The older Blue Birds ar wonderful.
      Yes we do enjoy when friends visit.

  8. I received your blog today, only the second one since December 14, 2018. I keep hoping they continue.

    1. Not sure why everyone else seems to be getting the posts?

  9. Doxies give the best kisses. Trust me, I know.


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