Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Propane filled, tent is gone and another fun desert day

Where are we today ?
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      Even milder again over night, 54 F at 5 am feels wonderful. My lower back was still bothering me from yesterday so so not want to push  my luck. So right at 7 am a quick trip to town, for a few groceries and a stop at Dollar General. So nice now at this time of the morning after the big shows, no traffic and I was the only person in both stores .
    Heading back checked the big Tent and yup it is gone. Only 2 days after the last day of this huge event. Then home Suzie and I hopped in the coach to go and top up our propane tank. 19.9 gallons.  ($2:30 a gallon)The gauge said it was empty it actually holds 23.6 gallons it has lasted us 26 days now so worked well for us. This done back to "home dirt " and set up for a few more days enjoying this desert we so love.
sunrise this morning in town
the BIG Tent is down and gone
nice and quiet here now
          After lunch the rest of Silly al's Pizza heated perfectly in the frying pan on low with a lid and tsp of water , until the cheese remelts and the the crust is softly fresh again. Then I took a nice drive around a different area here getting so nice and quiet here now.  Finished reading a John Sandford novel then another one in the series, all good page tuners.
the best way to reheat pizza
       The drive about this very quiet area as people are heading out again. love the green that is  coming up after the rains we had.
      I finished a Sandford novel and jumped right in to another love his books.
enough page turner 
         I noticed Bill had his drone out showing it to Ken, and was giving flying lessons. Then I got lessons and and my first 2 minutes in the air flying, what a fun machine, and it takes excellent photos as well. Thanks Bill for the lesson and fun flying experience .
ready to take off
Bill has been flying for over 30 years
showing Rob as well 
Hey! that's me flying a drone, too much fun! 
I flew over to peek at Suzie
          A bit later Happy Hour and I made a pitcher of Beer Margaritas (for that recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. I got from Deb last year). Thanks Deb these are very tasty.
ingredients for the Beer Margaritas
    At 2;30 the ladies went over to Kim's for a cooking demonstration with her Intsatpot. She made some very tasty Macaroni and cheese in 5 minutes.  Thanks for he samples Kim and am sure sure the ladies enjoyed your show  (Cooking with Kim ).
quick and easy does it with Kim
        Then we gathered outside still 70 F but cooler in the shade. In no time the pitcher of margaritas were consumed  with 10 people.
more fun sharing stories, flapping our gums 
     About 4:30 we headed home to whip up supper. Tonight some acorn squash in foil on the Weber Q and a couple of very tasty smoked pork chops from the Roadrunner market in town that we love.
2 minutes a side and these chops are perfect
added to our salad and the rest of the fresh cheese bread from
town we had a feast and of course more leftovers
      Supper just about done and we enjoyed some more of another wonderful colourful desert sunset, we never get tired of these and always amazing to see. I did not edit these pictures below with my camera set at sunset photos this is what it saw.
reflecting on the mountains to the east of us
    The end of another wonderful desert day here in the southwest here it is 7:15 pm and still 63F  enjoying the wonderful mild evening outside wrapping up this posting. Soon time to head inside for the evening. 
   Thanks again for dropping on by and hope y'all had a great day as well.

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Wow! Spectacular sunset photos! Awesome! Thanks!

  2. A very good day. Amazing sunset! Enjoy your last few days at Q.

    1. It was a wonderful day, and I know you guys will enjoy the rest of your time here as well.

  3. Nice sunset, looks like it's nice as things quiet down. Did you have the margaritas before this post? - the link to the recipe is broken :) Sounds like you are already to move along in a couple days. Where to?

    1. It is nice when things get quieter around here. I put the link in before I made the Margaritas,Fixed it now. Then the picture was consumed before supper. Probably Peg Leg Monday or Tuesday suppose to rain Saturday so should be dried up by then.

  4. Beautiful sunset pictures! Great beer margarita recipe but now I want the Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese recipe :-)

    1. The Margarita's were tasty, I don't have the recipe you will have to check with Kim, Journey with Ken and Kim blog on my side bar

  5. Love the sunset flashing on the mountain what a fantastic shot

  6. Mac n cheese in an instant pot? That's one I'll have to try. You've been having some beautiful sunsets. All I've seen here is clouds.

    1. The mac and Cheese was very tasty,
      The sunsets here have been wonderful cloudy during the day lately but nice sunsets.

  7. It was a good day. Propane topped up so you are good to go for another 26 days. :)
    The mac and cheese was delish and so quick and easy!
    Our sunsets here are amazing.

    1. It was a great day and maybe longer than 26 days depending on the weather.
      The mac and cheese was very tasty and yes quick.
      Yes they are amazing !

  8. I'm not sure why but this morning there were certain blogs I couldn't comment on...But great day and Beer Margaritas ...awesome! The mac and cheese looked awesome! Sunset pics are awesome!

    1. Some day the internet does staring things but all should be good again. The Mac was good as was the beer margaritas and the beautiful desert skies.

  9. I always enjoy your food tips. What beautiful pictures of the sunset. AZ has some beautiful ones! I love my instapot.

    1. Thanks Cheri we do love the desert skies out here. I would very seldom use and insta pot so no t for me.


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