Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 21, 2019

Dump station, taken care of as well as our tow bar serviced early in the day, perfect !

Where are we today ?
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       It was mild again over night but did hear some wind blowing (even without my hearing aides). 55F at 4:30 this morning so got some computing and coffees take care of. Then we secured the coach to head to the dump station at 7:30am. Busier than other days at this time, there was 6 rigs ahead of us. We quickly dumped our sewage, topped up our fresh water tank then back home and setup by 8:30. We good for 10 days now.
a bright morning moon at 6 am
the sun is rising and we heading to the dump station
10 minutes then we are next in line
      I pulled ahead  to fill out water and there was 12 rigs behind us this is 7:45 am.
the lone behind us os growing 
Garbage dumpsters are full, a volunteer is stopping people
 from adding more and directing them to the large Blue rolloff
more sunrise as I am filling our fresh water
          Hey thats good so with our tow bar in the trunk of the car at 8:30 am I whipped into the RV show to the Roadmaster service truck. He took my tow back to the repair guys, and it was all checked out cleaned, new bushings and lubricated. (I clean and lube it every couple of weeks. He looks at it and said was getting old about 10 years (actually 13 years) and suggested we buy a new one. How much? $ 1.150.00 but can sell it to me for $800.00 (now that is a good deal ! The guy that serviced it said it was still in excellent shape though, lol...  Returned to the trunk for me and was back home by 9:15.  It was nice to get these chores done early in the day so the rest of it just puttering around.
the line up is getting longer
people dropping off their Roadmaster tow bars
       The technician had it apart , cleaned lubed, new bushings and back together. Nice that Road master does this service for FREE, Blue Ox charges for the same service. Sure glad we bought the Road master tow bar.
like new again
a bunch of jeeps ready for a desert drive
all installed and ready to tow again
         Though nice and sunny it was very windy from the west with gusts to 25 mph or so and tomorrow looks to be windy again. Heck at least it is sunny and much warmer than back home where they are having extremely cold weather.
         By 11 am the winds had died down a bit and  bright sunny skies temp at 60F this is wonderful. I reinstalled the tow bar and we enjoyed out light lunch (meat loaf sandwich for Suzie).
        I took a drive about out to the highway and noticed the traffic is stop and got heading into Quartzsite, about 3 miles or so into Quartzsite and as far south as I can see. Glad we got our stuff done in the early morning.
north into Q
south towards Yuma lotsa traffic
here is a nice rig with a double decker trailer
       Now set up in the sun our coach is blocking the wind just a breeze underneath so I just hang a tarp there and block the wind perfectly
our wind break with the tarp
       Now I can put my shorts on and cut my beard and hair with Suzie helping with the final trim.
63 F and much warmer in the sun
Bill is out flying his kyte 
      Then went inside to use up the rest of the cabbage we had in the fridge, to make some Red Cabbage and carrot cole slaw. Oh so tasty, for that recipe you can clic HERE I found it on the internet.
a very tasty coleslaw
the bluebirds here have very large group
like most years
      Not sure about Happy hour today but need up a at Bill and Patsy's for a while their tog blocking some of the cool wind. No matter we added layers and had some fun interesting conversations , sharing tips with each other.
we had  fun in the sun even with to cool breeze 
      Shortly after 4;30 we all made our way home to make our own suppers. Soon the sun was setting.
sunset is on its way
      For our supper tonight we have some fish fillets in the freezer and some frozen french fries. So the fish in the oven and fries dine in our Fry daddy. We can do the fires in the oven buy like them much better when deep fried.
Fry daddy doing the fires, quick and easy
the sunset getting ready to to leave us as
supper about done
       Supper was wonderful, fish and chips cooked at home and the very tasty red cabbage cole slaw on the side, This coleslaw is a keeper for us.
wow we have a nice fish fix again
final sunset for the day
    That was our desert day. getting things taken care of early in the day, a fun happy hour and tasty supper. Gotta love this lifestyle !
    Thanks again for dropping on by.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. WOW Everyone seems to be on the move today down your way. After the wind calmed down for you it here hard and it's still blowing.

    1. Yes JO people are on the move coming and going the wind did die down after dark though.

  2. We seen either that double decked trailer or one just like it a few days ago down near the Imperial Dunes I think. Very interesting looking rig. That is a lot of traffic on the roads. Lots of people probably head out after the weekend, they've been, they seen, and now they leave. Things should start clearing now I would think.
    I didn't realize you could remove the whole tow unit. I will say though, I find the comments made by someone at the service tent that you should replace something old, just because it's old to be annoying. If it's working fine, in good condition I don't see the need to replace anything. I was also quite surprised at the difference in prices.
    Someone mentioned to me that whatever the vendors have to pay a tax on anything they are taking OUT after the event. According to the fella that told me, that's why the prices are so good after the rush is over. Of course that could be a load of BS but it's definitely interesting.
    Curios about the fry daddy. I assume it's electric and that you run it off the coach or the generator?

    1. The guys at Roadmaster was probably instructed to try and sell some new tow bars if possible. and was giving people and excellent price on them. Have seen few of there double trailers, he could have been in the dunes with his toy. The prices here go down with some of the vendors after the show just get rid of product. The Fry daddy is electric so just fired up our penny for a few minutes because we could, nice crispy fries.

  3. Amazing totally clear sky up here in N. Central Wa....A meteorite even flashed by as I was taking a picture...I hope it comes out, I thought I was seeing things, but the news said there was a fly-by space rock...
    Al said he didn't see any red, it came on as the moon was showing up again...
    I can certainly see how the R.V. folks prior to the 1500's were just a little unsettled...

    1. Interesting skies for sure, especially up there in WA. I did not notice any fly by but could have been and I missed it. This is an amazing lifestyle we are enjoying.

  4. That's a good deal on the servicing for your tow bar!

    1. Roadmaster has excellent customer service, one of the the main reasons we come to Q every year.

  5. I love my Roadmaster tow bar. So easy to hook up and I always get it checked for free in Indio. Their service is great!!

    1. The Roadmaster tow bar is the best as far as I am concerned sure glad we choose this one so many years ago.

  6. Good thing you got going early to dump and get water from what I saw on Rick's blog. Nice that Roadmaster does that for free! Traffic sure is something! Dinner looks awesome!

    1. Over the years we have a good idea when to take care of things , the lineups and crowds, so easy to move the coach and get that stuff taken care of. Love the service from Roadmaster,
      And dinner was very tasty.

  7. Windy too here in Desert Hot Springs. Will be happy when it's done. Glad that you are enjoying Quartszite.

    1. The wind should die down after today for a while will be nice.
      We always enjoy Quartzsite a funky town.

  8. I may have to stop by Q to get our roadmaster tow bar serviced next year...

    1. We make a point of getting ours checked out every year. a nice service they have.

  9. Hey George, we are thinking we might actually make it to bloggerfest this year. You gonna be there? Anyone else we know? Lots of our old blogger friends aren't blogging any more.

    1. Hi, Sue we plan on being there but not until about 2 pm. Not sure who else will be there, right now free camping here at the BLM LTVA areas with government shutdown, looking forward to seeing you and Mo again.

  10. I am always impressed at how you care for your tow bar. I don't think we have ever had ours checked, we are never in the right place :( Not true, we got a new tow bar last year because of the Jeep. Sorry about the wind but you still had a great looking meal.

    1. I believe if you take care and maintain your possessions they will last longer and give you less problems. The wind happens but at least we had wonderful sunshine and not too cold.. Supper was wonderful.


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