Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, April 27, 2018

Warm and sunny again, eye test, and picked up a few things, loving this weather.

Where are we today ? 
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      Just more of this same wonderful weather here. Starting with another wonderful sunrise right outside our dining room window shortly after 6 am. I have been waiting for a while this morning for this to happen.
and it did was wonderful as usual
     Got a short walkabout town then into New Hamburg for a few food specials at the No Frills. I like to go early and beat the crowds like usual.
      Plus get to enjoy a nice quiet country drive as well.
lots of deer in this area
grain elevators not far from us
       Back home and enjoying more wonderful warm sunny weather so took a nice walk across the road through part of the bush trails there, a bit muddy but no bugs there yet, bonus. So peaceful around here.
the Nith river
         The back home for a light lunch and headed into Kitchener at 11:30  to  the Optometrist to get my eyes tested . Looks like I need a new prescription and all looks good almost, signs of cataracts  heading my way I guess time will tell, when they will happen, hopefully later than sooner, all part of getting older.
      Suzie went with me because she wanted to stop at the Giant Tiger next door, so we picked up a few things and stopped by Canadian Tire for a new meat thermometer for me and a new adapter for our air compressor that works well for adding air to the coaches dual tires. The one I had before would not to the inside duals. Also picked up a new suitcase with wheels for our vacation that we hope to do this fall. Of course we  can use out Canadian Tire points that we accumulate year round so all this was "free" and our balance is still over $100.00.
this one works perfectly
          Home before  2 pm aired up our tires, put my shorts on and enjoyed reading in the afternoon sun with my sweetie,starting another new author . This one is also a real page turner. Almost forgot the make supper, but alas I had to do it we getting hungry.
really got right into this book
interesting view at this tree with no leaves yet
almost spooky
         Ok, I fired up our Weber Q and grilled all 4 of these chicken legs and thighs. Only a $1.00 a pound , wanted leftovers so that I can make some chicken soup, gotta have some chicken soup it's been a while.
not long on our Weber Q and so tasty
added to our salad was so tasty
        About 5:45pm the chicken about ready and we started to have a sprinkle of rain, Not much but just enough to send us inside, plus the temperature was really dropping for 72F (22C) this afternoon to 52 f (11C) at 7:30. But at least we sure had a wonderful warm sunny productive day.
       Glad that you dropped on by and hope you got to enjoy some sunshine in your day as well.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Replies
    1. That is not to be revealed yet until things are confirmed and w e make up our mind what we are exactly going to do. A trip is in the future we hope.

  2. Nice weather your having. Enjoy and keep grilling =)

    1. Yes loving the weather and grilling on the Weber Q.

  3. It was a nice afternoon to pull shorts out of the cupboard!
    Hopefully soon the muddy trails will dry up for you. At least for your next visit to Plattsville.

    1. It was a wonderful afternoon, to enjoy the warm spring sunshine. The trails will dry up but hope the bugs are not out yet when we return.

  4. That tree looks like it's going to grab you. Are those cottonwoods?? Seems the river is loaded with them. One thing about it warming up here, there are no bugs ... a BIG plus!

    1. It odes look pretty wild. Not sure what kind don't think cotton woods though, No bugs YET1 Rhey will be in full force in another month or so.

  5. Good deal shopping at Canadian Tire. Always fun to plan trips. Don't forget about your trip here out West one year before you head South.

  6. Most of the things we buy at Canadian tire we use our points for. Planning trip is almost as much fin as going on it.
    We still hope to get out west on our way south one of these years,

  7. Collecting points is one of the fun things I enjoy here in Canada. There are so many options depending on your plastic cards and your preferences. I make full use of it all and save hundreds of dollars each year.
    BTW I have noticed that your blog pictures, present and past years are all over Pinterest.

    1. We do love to collect our points and use them Have never paid for tire for our car in 12 years, Canadian tire money does it.
      Yes they will be on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and Goggle plus as well. I do get a lot of page views every day.

    2. Also occasionally on Rvillage as well.


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