Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Overcast but we got to enjoy another hockey game and some homemade soup for lunch!

Where are we today ? 
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       Ok now we are back to some cooler weather again no sunrise to enjoy but no rain, that's a  bonus, mostly overcast and a cooler day with NW winds, Started a pot of chicken broth first thing from last nights chicken thighs and let them simmer for a couple of hours. House smells wonderful !
       I did enjoy a nice walkabout town and a nice country drive to New Hamburg just because I could Back home by 8:30 to finish the chicken broth and add the ingredients for a tasty chicken soup  with barley ( Thanks Patsy for the tip about the barley) gonna try it instead of noodles.  Like the noodles better but the barley is better for us.
the United Church just a couple of houses
from the 3 houses we had in town
the old church manse across from the church
still in nice shape
        Next on the agenda was to go to the Ayr arena to watch grandson number 4 play hockey. This was a 4 on 4 fun game lasts 49 minutes , non stop play,  every 90 seconds they change shifts. No stopping the game at all nonstop action.very fast paced . So fun to watch these guys and girls have too much fun. He is 10 years old.
the aren complex in Ayr
     We arriver as they were prepping the ice surface for their game.
here he is ready to hit the ice
there he goes a spark plug on the ice!
so very quick for  a little guy

yellow socks
between shifts he stopped to give us a smile
face off, he is in the yellow socks
a large rink they travel in no time
        He actually scored 3 goals (maybe 4) and I managed to catch one, a bit blurry but I was there and really enjoyed it right along with him.
they sure beat the other team very nicely
and they all had a fun time
final score 13 to 7 they cleaned up
      Back home the weather no better still overcast and cool/cold so not much outside stuff done today other than a few short walkabouts. Had some homemade chicken barley soup for lunch then visited Dennis and Sandy's, pick up our mail, visit for a while, and back home, relax a bit then whip up supper.
chicken barley soup as very tasty ,
perfect for a cool spring day
     Was gonna cook on our Weber but really too cold at 39 F (3C) to do a good job on some fish, So preheat our oven and baked some breaded fish we have to add to our salad.
this worked for us tonight very tasty
today's weather all day long
     The day just flew on by enjoying the hockey game , homemade soup and our time together,  Reading , research and a few short walkabouts. All is good in our world, Gonna get colder tonight so the weather Gods say, but then should be all uphill from here.
      Thanks for dropping by again and hope you managed some nice warm weather as well.
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  1. "He shoots and HE SCORES!" A proud moment for the all the 'grands' :) Looks like a very special day to me.

    1. Yes Jeff it sure was, loved it and being able to be there

  2. You are very welcome, George, you know barley is my preference anyway. :) You can always switch your noodles in every other pot of soup, you make it often enough.
    Great to capture the grandson scoring! yay!
    We are definitely on the uphill climb today, sun is out and temperatures rising.

    1. Yes it is an option that I thought of as well, the sun today will be nice and warmer temps heading out way again.
      Glad that I ws in the right place at the right time for that picture even though it is blurry.

  3. LOVE to watch hockey! In my MUCH younger days, I spent lots of hours on the ice. Sadly nowadays, there are very few places to skate. Barley in the soup sounds delicious. I love barley!!

    1. Yes Nancy love watching the Grands play hockey not so much the NHL anymore. I too spent a lot of time skating, not much anymore. Here in Canada there is more and more places to ice skate some year round. The barley was a nice change for my soup..

  4. Your grandson is adorable! Soup looks wonderful and perfect for a day like yesterday! Nice that you were able to watch and capture the score in a picture. Nice that you are close enough to enjoy the grandkids and hockey!

    1. He is adorable as are all 8 of our grands. We do like t watch them play when we have the opportunity nice to be here at Camp awesome we are at least close to 4 of them. And it was a bonus to catch him scoring too.

  5. That is cold yet again for you. Hope you didn't get any of that snow I read about in Ontario. Fun times with the grandkids. Nice capture of one of his goals.

    1. It is cold again bu we toasty warm . Just a sprinkle of snow, But the fun time with the grands sure makes up for it

  6. Glad you're back to getting your hockey fixes! ;c)

    1. Yes it sure is nice to see them play again as they grow.


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