Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Friends leaving us and a wonderful sunny day, relaxing by the pool is wonderful too.

Where are we today ?
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        After another good nights sleep, up early and the temperature outside 31f  (-05C) at 5 am and waiting for the sun to rise. Next to no wind and a wonderful sunrise with clear blue sunny skies (yeah!). The sunshine makes everything better. Did get a nice refreshing walkabout to begin my day.
a decent sunrise
        At one point Suzie was in our printer closet and found the 3 of the 4 shelf brackets missing and our printer about to fall out of the cupboard,  good thing I had a brace there to support it. So checking that our I whipped over to Lowes  in town picked up some new brackets , removed the shelf and installed the new brackets. These are much better ones and have a screw to hold them in place, not gonna move now!
we don;t wan tthis shelve to fall down
new brackets installed they are white
      Then about 9:30 this morning our friends Bill, Patsy and Clemson were all secured and heading on down the road again. We have done this a few times this winter. So we say so long for now and no doubt will see you guys again at some point this summer. Travel safe guys. The beauty of this lifestyle meeting friends on the road and the freedom to do our own things that suit our lifestyle.
travel safe Clemson
and away they go
      Next walkabout down by the clubhouse to drop off a book exchange for Patsy, a nice clubhouse with nobody here right now so took a  couple of pictures. Lots of fun things to keep you or the kids busy.
small library 
    Right after lunch I did a trip through Wapakoneta to the the Community Market, they were doing some renovations last spring and wow did they do an amazing job, expanded the store, nice bakery, produce and meat section and a huge fully stocked Beer cave, Liquor store and amazing wine selections. I picked up a few groceries and home to relax a bit with Suzie. With the sunshine most of the day it got up to a very comfortable 47 F (8.3C) not nice for sitting out but much better than the last few days.
downtown Wapa
Beer Caves everywhere
really like this store
love this theatre maybe take in a movie here
love some of the old buildings here
      Back home I checked our accident damage, taped up the hole in our tailight lens and checked for more water leaks should be good for now until we get the accident damage repaired.
pretty quiet here right now
     Then shortly after 1:30 I checked the pool area, nobody there wow ! Ok I grabbed Suzie and over we went I had a nice long hot shower and soaked in both of the hot tubs. Then sat there with her and enjoyed our e'readers until about 3:10 pm when a couple of young kids came in and began doing what kids do, yell and scream having fun. Ok we can go home now. Time for our Happy hour anyway, just the two of us, but that is fine too, we are quite used to this, Suzie and I both have fun together.
me soaking in the hot tub, nice
love this place when it is quiet
view from the hot tub to the pool
there is Suzie waiting to save me if I drown, lol..
she does not swim.
      Soon time to whip up supper and today a real easy one, the rest of our Spaghetti casserole (pie) we had a couple of nights ago on the road, added to our tasty salad. Always tasty and filling sure hit the spot..
did the trick
      Now it clouded over a bit so no visible sunset tonight, Got another short walkabout and finished up posting this blog. Then relax with movie at the end of another wonderful day !
   Thanks for taking the time to drop by and visit, checking out what us old full-time river's do on the road.

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Where have we been this winter ? 


  1. Suzie could throw you a life ring if necessary, or toss a chair for you to stand on.

    Enjoy your remaining few days there!

    1. Thank Deb we will.
      Yes I guess she could but the pool is only 4 feet deep so I don't think I need a chair lol.

  2. You two sure know how to enjoy yourselves and, of course, eat really tasty foods.

    1. Thanks Dizzy that's what life is all about, making the best of it.

  3. What a nice area and park with a great pool area. Nice that you caught up with Patsy and Bill and had a couple of nice Happy Hours again.
    So sorry to read about the hit and run in the parking lot while you were sleeping. It is sad enough that something like this happened but a fellow RV'er hitting you guys and leaving just makes it seem worse somehow. Glad to read the damage was not so bad that you could not keep moving. Stay warm.

    1. This is another very nice area on the last leg of our journey. Hang out for a bit then make a run for it.
      You guys travel safe as well.

  4. Lots of fun, it is nice and quiet now that Bill and I have left! ha ha oh yes, and we left you sunshine!
    Too busy when we were there for a nice quiet swim maybe next time I'll be more encouraged.
    thanks for the pics of us leaving, we never get those, of course!
    I love the painting in the window above the Jewellery Box. that is what a window is for, sitting in and reading!
    Enjoy, hope it stays dry for you.

    1. You know us we alaways have fun even when you are here, thanks for leaving us the sunshine. Nice to get around the pool when it is so quiet and relaxing.
      Always loved that painting of the lady on the window.

  5. Nice that you had sunshine today. The little town is adorable! The pool looked awesome too. I always think spaghetti tastes better after a few days, kind of like beef stew on the 2nd day. Looked wonderful.

    1. It was a wonderful sunny day makes everything wonderful.
      Love the pool when we can get there without the crowds, and the spaghetti was very tasty.

  6. Take a look at the pool here in Lethbridge.

  7. I can't believe that pool. It's amazing! I think Clemson is going to miss Suzie's lap!! LOL

    1. The pool is amazing. And of course Suzie will miss Clemson as well.

  8. Good thing Suzie noticed the missing shelf supports. Driving through Michigan it would have been a disaster for sure. Having the pool to yourselves is a bonus. That RV Park is like a resort. Enjoy.

    1. Yes it was a good thing, we had an issue quite a few years ago so put supports in, but these new brackets are much better and screwed right on.
      It is like a nice resort and great place to stop at this some of year when not too busy.

  9. My brother-in-law called to 'brag' about the great weather said snow was in his Dayton forecast. Hope you manage to stay north of it, such nice sunny pictures from this post.

    1. Well Jeff we still in Wapa until Sunday morning a light bit of snow right now and down to 26 tonight, but our blue flame and electric heater keep up very comfortable, and the pool area is wonderful in this weather..


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