Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Amazing weather now, St. Jacobs Farmer's market and a busy day enjoying this weather. And a Grandson's Hockey game.

Where are we today ? 
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      Mild again last night just above freezing and that is just wonderful. And we got to enjoy a nice sunrise through the bush again. Gonna be an awesome day.
right outside our living room window
what a nice way to start the day
      Made an early quick trip to Plattsville Home Hardware to fill our RO water jug, back home by 8:30. Then Suzie and I took off to the St, Jacobs Farmer's Market open year round. This has to be our number one favourite market to visit and we have been to a lot ! The weather was perfect compared to what we have been having. Everything there is pretty much in full swing outside vendors and of course all the inside ones as well. We like to get there fairly early and out of there before the large crowds arrive after 10:30 am.
 this the large main building
checked out some outside vendors, nothing we needed here today
some very good prices
$3.50 a basket
        Then 1st stop inside was to Hilltop Acres Poultry products for a couple of pounds of this wonderful Turkey Garlic sausage we love. They welcomed us back.
poultry everything here
we bought 2 lbs of turkey garlic sausage
across from them a nice meat counter
     This one below we picked up some peameal Bacon and fresh schnitzel, both are excellent.
6 slices of peameal bacon, 2 pork schnitzel 
amazing seafood here but not today
       There is many more meat counters and cheeses, plus various different food vendors as well. So many choices!
       Out of the building next is Pedlars village, more food vendors, and just about anything you can thing of here.
a new kiddie ride this year 
the kids love this too
lots to see here
     This vendor below was our main reason to visit Pedlars village. This couple have been here for years I used to work with her husband at MTD products back in the '80's. He was a QC inspector.
2 cornish pasties here, we bought 4 2 meals
The cornish pasties we just love too, so got 4= 2 meals.
     Then back outside an adult ride this guy rode Roger the Bull for a bit then got thrown off, not hurt of course. It became a wild ride!
this guy riding Roger the Bull
    Around the corner some Mennonite ladies below selling wonderful homemade baked goods, fresh maple syrup and homemade horseradish (very hot).
a perfect sized Blueberry pie, yummy
we just had to have
     Next building is a huge coverall with a nice wood fireplace out front to warm you up if need be. Not so much today.
The only Busker we saw today
he was pretty good
     Lots more vendors inside, this is nice an bright with the white cover.
more excellent cheeses
more produce 
    Then back outside down one row of vendors heading back to our car.
more people getting here now the to leave
Conestoga wagon selling fresh cut fries
schnitzel, burgers and hot dogs
lots of fresh cut flowers
     That was our quick tour of the market could have spent hours, but we got what we wanted  here and made our way back home. A few more stops, Canadian tire, 2 Walmarts and a Sobey's grocery store then home for lunch at noon.
     After lunch Suzie took the car to Woodstock to get some yarn that she wants for SIL, Sandy to make her a nice custom blanket like the one she loaned us.
     While Suzie was gone I puttered around outside on this wonderful sunny afternoon and amazing 56F (13C)  attempting to divert the water puddles down beside our coach and around the shed and away.
snow almost gone water going away
the water making its way past us
and to the right of the shed behind us
small rivers and away under the storage trailer
     Suzie back home by 3:30 got her yarn and a new shirt that she was looking for. Missed going to a grandson number 3's hockey game this afternoon in Cambridge but looking forward to one tonight in Ayr Ontario.
     Was soon time for supper so I whipped up a salad and with so  many choices now, Suzie decided tonight we need to enjoy a couple of these very tasty Cornish Pasty's  . We like them with a bit of gravy so I made some up and, oh my, these were excellent! 
some tasty gravy sure hit the spot
love these Pasty's
     Dishes done and relax a bit more then made our way to Ayr for Grandson number 1's,  4 on 4 hockey game, first one we can enjoy this year. And enjoy it we did Was sure nice to see him play again. He sure is growing up and they all had a fun time there out on the ice. They played very well and defeated the other team by quite a lead. Nice to see more of the family and especially Gand daughter #3 again twice in one week is a real treat!
they are ready for their shift
here we are enjoying the game
lots of action in the ice
they are cleaning up
then of course a happy smile from a
happy Granddaughter
         After the game we hung out to see him once again and say so long for now and how much we enjoyed the game, before heading back home for the night. Did manage to catch a bit of the sunset on the drive back. A perfect ending to a perfect day.
just used it by minutes
    Thanks for dropping on by for a peek.

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. That was a busy day. Glad to see you have time for a hockey game even when the weather is nice. Love the grandaughter picture.

    1. It was a busy and fun day the hockey game a real bonus as well. Enjoying this wonderful weather.

  2. Wow, quite an array of foods, and the prices looked really good too. I think I could spend a couple hours there just meandering around, and it seems to have festivities for all to enjoy.
    Glad you were able to catch the hockey game and the joy of your grandaughter's smile.

    1. A lot of deal to be had, and you could easily spend a couple hours just to walk every aisle and building. There is something for everyone here.
      It was nice to finally get to see a hockey game.

  3. That is an impressive market.

    1. Yes Larry it is a very impressive market , we love it.! Think you would as well.

  4. Looks like a fun time at the market, I have been there in years.

    1. It was a fun time and great weather, is worth a nice outing.

  5. I love the pics of the market how fun..kind of reminds me of the Yuma Marketplace only better with all those meat and cheese vendors, along with fresh veggies! To be home at noon with all those stops, you guys are good! How fun you got to see your grandson play and your granddaughter is adorable!

    1. It is an amazing market, in ways similar to Yuma but so much more.
      The hockey and seeing the grands again was wonderful as well.

  6. What an amazing market. Needless to say, there is NOTHING like that around here. LOVE those pasties ... and the selection of meat ... just WOW!! How lucky you are!!

    1. Yes Nancy it is an amazing market, one we enjoy, have never found another quite like it.
      Yes we are very lucky to be able to go there. I have been going there over 40 years watching it grow.

  7. Wow, that is a huge market. You could say "if they don't have it you don't need it"! A very productive day.

    1. That is about it for the market they have it all.
      It was a fun day.

  8. Love that market. Everything looks so good. Nice for those who live nearby. I would be shopping there every week. Looking forward to seeing the colors of wool that Suzie picked out for her afghan.

    1. They are in the house similar to to colours of the one Sandy loaned her.
      When it is made I will post pictures of it.

  9. Nice to see all those veggies in cold country. I could spend hours sampling.

    1. Lots of fresh veggies here in sam country year round, lots samples as well.

  10. Your grandkids will always remember you being there for them.


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