Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, April 30, 2018

Relocating on an awesome sunny, warm spring day

Where are we today ? 
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      Another great night's sleep as always. Got a nice early morning walkabout town so peaceful  again just the birds in tress, stop by Pettigrew;s fora chat and back home,
     Then I hopped in the car to New Hamburg picked up a few groceries, dropped off some stuff at the Thrift store and picked up a few prescriptions at the Pharma Save  as well. Home by 10 am we secure the coach, hooked up the car and heading out of town by 10:30. Going to Rock Glen Resort Our home membership park.
enjoying the back country roads
    Couple of short detours along the way and wanted to stop at the GOCO just before Arkona to top up our propane , Good deal here only .63.9 cents a litre.. Best price we have seen all year for the motor home.
          From here enjoyed more country roads to our home membership park, Just more wonderful farm country that we enjoy..
we know we are getting close
here we are!!
       We pulled in to the park, checked in and headed to our reserved site, number 25, we can be here for 3 weeks, full hookups and no overnight fees. We really do love our membership parks. This one in particular . At this time of year so peaceful , just the way we like it, Off season and not many people here.
that be us down there on the right
such a large site and afternoon sun
      We got all checked in a set up by 1 pm. Enjoyed a tasty light lunch, Now to enjoy this very warm afternoon sunshine . 72 F (22C) and much warmer in the sun. Ok shorts , t shirts and sandals are called for. As well as our e-readers.
now this is an amazing spring day
it was quite warm, so opened our awning for some shade
      A bit later Gerry, Melinda and Tucker dropped by for "Happy Hour". First time this year with these guys, So nice to see them again!
Tucker fix for Suzie
Melinda, Tucker and Gerry
treats for Tucler
      Then of course Brian stopped by to join us , he the guy in the middle  right over Gerry's thumb.
lost of stories swapped and a few laughs,
that is what Happy hour is all about
more treats for Tucker
    Soon it was time to whip up supper. Tonight some chicken Souvlaki on the Weber Q to go with our salad, These will be wrapped in flour tortillas like a soft taco.
they on sale the other day gonna give them a try
not long they were done
very tasty and hit the spot tonight 
     Supper done, dishes done and we even got to enjoy an almost nice sunset. Not  desert sunset but the best we can do here.
         We enjoyed a nice short travel day and will enjoy this wonderful campground with full hookups for a while, a real treat for us.
        Thank y;all for stopping by and hope your day was wonderful as well.

 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
click this link
Where have we been this summer?


  1. Really nice RV Resort. I like the slab for the table.

    1. It is really nice here we do enjoy it, and the slab makes it very comfortable.

  2. Nice that you got to Rock Glen, we know you love it there.
    Great to have a Happy Hour with Gerry, Melinda and Tucker.
    Say hey for us!

    1. We do enjoy our time here and so nice to see these guys again

  3. Always nice to reconnect with old friends and give Suzie a pup fix.

    1. Yes it is always nice to see old friends again and reconnect.
      And the doggie fix is always fun.

  4. Noticed the ad in the corner about high speed rail, that really sucks, hope it doesn't go through. CA is doing the same thing, somehow it passed during voting, but everyone we talk to doesn't want it! Love the farm country and the silos how can they want to ruin it! Happy hour looks wonderful! A nice day in the sun, how nice you're there and it looks like great temps! Dinner looked wonderful and simple too.

    1. Sure hope this HSR does not go through, will affect quite a bit of very good farm land and the farmer's lively hoods.
      This is the part of Ontario that we love and call home.
      Dinner was excellent again. Thanks.

  5. Now that's what I'm talking about ... nice big RV sites to spread out in!! I'll never forget the first time I got fuel in Canada. I thought WOW ... SO CHEAP!! Turned out it was liters instead of gallons! What a shock!!!

    1. Yes the price is by the litre 3.78 litres per US gallon, sure is not cheap here.
      They do have most nice large sites here love it.

  6. Has to nice to be settled back in your 'home', with your friends and family all nearby.


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