Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, February 04, 2018

New t-shirt, laundry done, friends drop by, turkey on the Weber Q and another perfect desert day.

Where are we today ? 
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          More amazing weather that we never get tired of. We are quite happy enjoy it right here in the southwest. Not much left for us to see and explore in this area but that is just fine with the both of us.
          This morning after coffees and computing I packed the laundry in the car at 7 am and into the Mainstreet  laundromat. Always a good time to go. Hardly anyone there so let the machines do there magic wash and dry, I folded stuff up and back home by 8:30 this morning, Suzie will put that stuff away for us.
bought me a new shirt today
been over 50 years since I had one like this
just had to have another
sunrise at the laundromat this morning
this the place lotsa machines, very clean and efficient
     Back home while Suzie put the laundry away I got a nice walkabout around the area.
loving the scenery here so peaceful 
Dome rock not far away
love these baby Saguaros
family gathering
     Then I got ambitious  thought I would clean our coach . Last time was in November in New Mexico that I used this waterless  Meguiars Wash wax product and love it does a great job. Especially here in the southwest when we have no rain to get our vehicles dirty. 
about an hour later all done and looks like new again
     Time for a light lunch , 2 leftover pieces of pizza each reheated in the frying pan sure hit the spot today.
     The I wandered over to Tyson Wells to check a couple of vendors out, no crowds now a nice time to go.
This is the way I like it and lotsa parking
      Checked out a few things and found my Tye Die t shirt that I wanted for a good price only 7 bucks, I saw them at other vendors for 15 to 20 bucks, nope !
       Back home enjoying our e-readers in the shade we had company drop in, our friends Ken and Shirley ( Seeing America with Ken and Shirley)for a short visit. They heading out in the morning and wanted to say see ya later and hopefully on down the road again. They have that hitch itch too, we know what thats like we have it too!
nice to see them again,
until next time guys
glad they stopped by
     Right after they left I prepped the 1/2 Turkey (5.5 lbs) I picked up yesterday at the Roadrunner Market for tonights supper on the Weber Q.
ready to go
      Now we enjoyed more of our page turners enjoying this amazing desert scenery.
love the views from here
        I finished a book and began another , new author will see how this is.
have never read his books before
looks interesting  
90 minutes later Turkey done
so time to enjoy supper with a tasty salad
sure hit the spot and lots of leftovers
 for soup as well,  some cranberry orange sauce
 I made at Christmas
       And as most every day here in the desert another wonderful sunset to enjoy.
         A bit later we sat outside reading and working on the blog, a nice mild night at 8 pm still 60 f (15C) not too bad at all. But trying to post this we kept being interrupted with the amazing starry skies and coyotes off in the distance . I know I have said it many times before but this is what we love about the southwest. So now inside to wrap this up and get it posted.
      Thanks for stopping by again and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. We are also loving these hot days of winter. It is why we come.
    Classy shirt, George. Almost didn't recognize you!
    Nice that Ken and Shirley stopped in to say goodbye. You never know when paths will cross, that is the beauty of it all.

    1. The weather is perfect, just had to have this shirt, think I can hide now?
      It was nice to see them again, like you said, just never know when we will meet again.

  2. Nice shirt George. Makes me want to go get one. It looks far better on you than it would on me I'm afraid.
    Great deal on the turkey. I really need to try that.
    I hope you are around on Monday. We'd love to drop by.

    1. Thanks Dave, the turkey was wonderful, drop on by, we will be around not leaving until Tuesday would be nice to see you again.

  3. Nice shirt 'hippie' George! Almost have the SoCal look down ...

    1. LOL,, thanks Jeff we going to so- call tomorrow so want to look the part.

  4. You look good in that new T shirt, love all the color.

  5. Great shirt!! Wouldn't have recognized you had I met you on the street.
    Glad you're enjoying the time here in the southwest, the weather, the friends, the rest.
    Dinner looked wonderful.

    1. Thanks Deb, just had to have it, now I can hide from people you think? We always enjoy the southwest for all of those things, and of course the amazing scenery that we never tire of.

  6. Glad we got to see you and Suzie yesterday afternoon! Love the shirt, looks good on ya! We'll look forward to seeing you both down the road somewhere! Glad we got to spend more time with you guys this year. The coach looks awesome!

    1. Sure glad that you dropped by always nice to see you guys. I just had to have that shirt and the price was right.
      You guys travel safe, no doubt we will hook up somewhere on down the road again.

  7. Looks like your shirt is a hit!! At least Suzie will be able to find you in a crowd!! Love it!!

    1. Thanks Nancy I just had to have it, because I could.

  8. You'll be easy to find in a crowd with that shirt :-)

    1. Yes Larry that's for sure, even if she tries to loose me, lol...

  9. You look like you're recalling your wild and misspent youth in that shirt! :cD

  10. Nice shirt, George. Did you get one for Suzie too? You are looking so slim and trim, just like an 18 year old in that hippy shirt!

    1. Thanks Dee, I feel like and 18 year old most days. The healthier eating and exercise helps keep me trim.
      No I did not get one for Suzie she would never wear it, guaranteed.

  11. Love your T-Shirt, like you said I have also seen them at craft fairs but the prices are out of this world. $7. is a great price. I also noticed your recipes.

    1. Thanks Jo, I thought it was a good price as well.
      Nice that you checked out my recipes as well most are very easy to do.


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