Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines day, a trip to Mexico, Martha's Date Garden and a tasty lunch treat.

Where are we today ? 
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    💕A Happy Valentine's Day especially to my 💘sweetie💘 and all our family and friends out there💕

        Cooler and overcast today but no problem we have plans to keep us busy. First of a nice walkabout the resort to check it all out. No too big and relatively small sights . But room for lots of large rigs. We have been in some with much smaller sites, after all a campground with full hookups and 3 nights free and did I mention free wifi at out site as well.They have lotsa activities and great facilities but we don't much care about them anyway.
down by the pool and clubhouse
walking the streets 
lots of seasonal sites
shuffle board
horse shoes
boccee  ball courts
putting green and pickle ball course as well
      Then about 8:30 we hopped in the car to Los Algodones Mexico, just because we could, wanted a few things and have not been yet this winter.
here we are paid our 6 bucks so parked and walked across the boarder
looks much the same as always
of course the Purple Pharmacy
     So we wandered around checking out a few things here and there, picked up a gift or 2 and had fun chatting with some of the vendors.
lotsa stuff everywhere
you need it they have it
you don't need it they have that too
ok found what we wanted, fresh shrimp from Rocky Point
nice large shrimp $10.00 a pound,
we bought 2 lbs
2 lbs 30 shrimp  (15 per lb) enough for 3 meals and they are so good !
lots of neat shorts as well
hats, ourses, blankets
lots of great food here as well,
but not this time, we have a plan
         Now we got what we wanted and headed back across the border at 9:50 no line up at all, always a good time to head back.
nobody going back yet just us
no cars either 
      Now being as we have lotsa time we headed over to check out Martha's Gardens (date Farm) lots of dates and date products. No we did not have a date shake, had one a few years ago , very tasty but too rich and filling for us. We checked out the store and watched an interesting video on how they farm and raise dates from these beautiful Date Palm trees.
some interesting products they have too
lots of fresh dates as well
we got what we came for, 2 date/nut loaves
love these
time to head out
lots of date palms here
      Now almost 11 am so time for our planned lunch date for a Valentine's Day treat. Chicken on the run.  One of our favourite places. The broasted chicken is only second to Anna Mae's back in Ontario. They also have great menu Items, ribs, burgers, fish chicken livers wings, breakfast, pork chops homemade pies etc... all looks good but we here for the chicken.
can't miss the chicken on the roof
this the place
love the sign on driveway entrance
follow this guy in the door
     We both new hat we wanted exactly 3 pieces borate chicken with fries, and bean for me , coleslaw for Suzie.  It takes a few minutes because all the meals are made to order, but we in no hurry, just savouring every bite, so hot , fresh, tender a juicy.
oh yum
    There it is, we had a fun morning getting done what we wanted, home by 12 o'clock. Now a relaxing afternoon at home. Still overcast and cool with a light drizzle off and on, but that's ok too.  We have some research to do, taking advantage of the free wifi. Also reading to enjoy as well as full hookups.
     We still prefer dry camping in the desert the wide open spaces and amazing views.
     The rest of the day was still cool overcast and drizzly a bit off an on. No supper tonight after our lunch a bit later we will share some popcorn and an apple with a movie or the olympics on the tube, more that enough to finish up our day.
     Thanks for following along and hope you had a great Valentines' Day no matter what you did or where you are. Ours was perfect !

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. What a great day. Mexico looks like fun. Love the colours there.

    The chicken looked wonderful.

    Glad you two had such a great day.

    Safe travels.

    1. Going to Mexico here is an experience we walkways enjoy it here great deals to be had for eyeglasses and dentists.
      This chicken is wonderful we love it.
      It was a wonderful day thanks.

  2. The size of the shrimp is amazing, hope you enjoy it. Your chicken lunch looked really good.

    1. These were the smallest he had he had another cooler with colossal shrimp. We have bought these shrimp before and really enjoy them.

  3. No wonder I never get anything done. You two were finished with your about the time I'm finishing breakfast.

    Interesting time in Mexico. Never been there. Don't even have a passport. Not sure if you need one but assume you do.

    Looks like a perfect Valentine's Day for you two.

    1. The Day was perfect Doug thanks.
      We like to get an early start then relax in the afternoon, we are up early anyway.
      I would think you need a passport not sure, going there is a fun experience.

  4. Sounds like a really nice way to spend Valentine's Day together.
    From your pictures it looks like the Sundance Park is really nice. Enjoy your time there.

    1. We had a fun day here doing a few things while in the area
      It is a very nice park, sites are a bit smaller than next door but still doable for most rigs.

  5. WOW - 11 am and you've already been to Mexico - we're usually just moving good by then.

    1. LOl, Larry, us morning people like too get out and about get things done and relax in the afternoon, makes for very nice days.

  6. I'm not much for RV park goings on either. I do love to chat with vendors in Algodones. Once you get them past the "buy buy buy" mode, they are really friendly!! Now THAT'S great looking chicken! I'll have to look it up!!

    1. The Vendors in Mexico are very nice friendly people always fun to chat with them we enjoy that too.
      If you like good broasted chicken this is the place to go in the Yuma Foothills ..

  7. Pretty park even though it looks like it's pretty cramped, but for free heck ya! I've hear of Chicken on the Run..will have to try it next time. Food looked awesome! Mexico looks fun too and you do know how to go and leave early! Looked like a great day all the way around!

    1. It is pretty n a smaller sites but like you said free is good.
      Chicken in the run is excellent a good choice for a tasty meal.
      It is always fun here in Mexico, we do enjoy it.

  8. So you DID end up going to Mexico! Jello plans are made for that reason exactly. :)
    We always enjoy popping over for one thing or another. Didn't have to shop there this year, just
    dental work.
    Glad you are enjoying the park, didn't see any large sites when I walked through, maybe because of the closeness to each other. Free is free, otherwise we'd never have checked them out! Soak up that free wifi!

    1. There is quite a few larger sites, its the trees that make them look smaller.
      We just had a few things we wanted in Mexico and and nice that we know our way around.
      The free wifi is a real bonus too.

  9. The large shrimp from Puerto Penasco are the best! We bring back our 5 kilo limit (11 lbs) from the San Felipe Shrimp Festival every year. Your FREE RV park looks like a nice place to stop at while in Yuma.

    1. You are so right about the shrimp , we would buy more if we had the space in our freezer.
      Not a bad park especially for free a nice stop over when we are passing through the area.

  10. Looks like a nice RV park there. Thanks for the tip about Anna Mae's back in Ontario, we'll be checking that out when we get home in the spring.

    1. The park s nice and free even better.
      Anna Mae's in Millbank Ontario is a must do if you are anyway near there.


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