Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 01, 2018

A relaxing desert day, and a fun Jeep tour with friends. What more can we ask for?

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
            A very mild night again sleeping with the windows open. So peaceful here, really love it. Then after coffee and the sunrise some nice walkabouts this morning.
right outside ou dinning room window,
love it !
     Then a quick trip to the corner and  back catching a few more sunrise shots. Everywhere we look here we get a different view.
north of I-10
      And a few more walkabouts just checking out the area around us, so peaceful and scenic here.
our rig back there
          We got a text from good friends Tom and Deb.(Celebrating the Dance) to see if we wanted to explore Dome Rock with them in their Jeep. Sure why not, so they picked us up at 10 and and off we went.
Tom and Deb here to take us Jeeping !
     So we headed out on down the trails towards Dome Rock.
some wonderful desert scenery around here to enjoy
these teddy Bear cactus just wanting to jump out at us
they are everywhere
stopped to check a few trails ahead
this one is ok
this one not so much
do able but better in a different vehicle
looks like a mine up there in them hills 
cool, the saguaro cactus on the hillsides
there they are Tom and Deb our tour guides today
     We were back home for light lunch then I took a ride south of here and found a desert subdivision interesting properties but the one below was the best !
love this yard work
        Now time to relax in the shade and enjoy this amazing weather we are having. Just a light breeze and we have the shade very comfortable to enjoy our page turners.
this is the life !
      While quietly reading we heard this noise not far away. Sounds like Gamble's Quails, Yup it was them not far and a whole bunch, under and around  the tree in front of our car.
guess they found some food there
squawking and skittering about they are so much fun to watch
         Well I finished my Patterson Book and stared another on my e-reader. This time Stuart Woods always a good read as well.
I dove right into this one
      Then soon time to begin supper. Tonight a couple of baked potatoes, to go with bacon, onions. mushrooms and liver all done on our grill mat.
the grill mat is good for all of this
a very tasty treat for us another dinner we both enjoy
and as supper was about done we caught the first hint of a sunset
but missed the rest while we were eating
     Another fun relaxing desert day, jeep ride with friends and enjoying more sunny warm desert weather and scenery. The reason we are here in the southwest.
     Wanna thank y'all for joining us and hope your day was a great one as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. I was think'n there might be a quail on the grill tonight :) That was a good sized covey. Always a treat to share part of the days with friends.

    1. It was a good size covey. But too fast for me to get them for the grill.
      Was a fun time jeeping with friends.

  2. Nothing like a Jeep ride to build an appetite! I love liver but the doc and my wife say NO!
    You are a master of the grill George.

    1. The jeep ride was fun and liver is a rare treat for me. Thanks Dave, there is so much you can cook on the grill and I love doing it too.

  3. A wonderful day, time with friends, some exploring, some reading and relaxing. A great meal, and the beginnings of the sunset. Truly an awesome day!!

    1. Yes Deb it truly was an awesome day, Enjoying this weather.

  4. I love the quail. They're always so vocal and cute as they run around! I've never had the nerve to off-road in my Jeep. Maybe one of these days!

    1. We love watching an listening to them as well skittering here and there.
      Start with easy off roading then go from there.

  5. Looks like a great little place you and Suzie have found once again! Great pic of Tom and Deb! Sounds like you guys had a nice ride..Your dinner looks awesome, I don't like liver but Ken does i think he was salivating looking at your plate..haha..

    1. This is wonderful quiet spot now that the crowds are gone.
      Nice that we both love liver done right is wonderful.

  6. You sure took a lot of good photos for this post. Interesting yard decor!

    1. I took a lot more but narrowed it down to these, so much to see out here in this area.

  7. Hmm, could there be a Jeep in your future?

    1. Never know only 310,000 miles on our 2002 Saturn and still runs good.

  8. A few quail on the grill would look good! What a fun filled day!

  9. The Quail are so cute.
    Tom and I are so glad you and Suzie decided to come along on the ride today. It always makes it more fun with friends along.
    Tom says your dinner looks delicious, personally not so much, actually not at all...:)

    1. Thanks for the tour it was fun.
      Liver is not for everyone that's why when I put it on special in my restaurant it was a sell out, every couple that came in only one of them liked liver.


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