Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Computer checked out, frozen water hose, rv friends, and a sunny cooler day.

Where are we today ?
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         Heck it was colder last night, our water hose was frozen and only 27F (-3C) at 5 am. No problem we always keep water in our tank because of issues like this or when the campground water is shut of for various reasons. Ya just never know.
         Once the sun came up and warmed out side I did get a nice short walkabout. My leg  and thumb is better but don't want to push it, just wanna get things moving again and enjoy the fresh morning air and some exercise. Lotsa people walking their dogs and spotted a few bunnies skittering around. Even a roadrunner but the picture was too blurry to post they do move fast..
     Loving the clear blue skies and of course much cooler here with the elevation about 4,500 feet did get to the mid 60's today though and with these sunny skies was wonderful.
       First on the agenda was to head into Sierra Vista to the Best Buy to have Suzie's laptop checked out. Had an appointment for 10 am with the Geek Squad. After it was checked out it was what we thought. The cable to the monitor needs to be replaced. So after the Geek did some checking he found where we could buy a cable, and take it to any Best buy to have it installed. He cannot get one in because of the age of of it but gave us a few leads. And where to order one. Nice service and no charge. We ordered the part and maybe have to stay here until it arrives, no matter no schedule and no rush, the beauty of this lifestyle.
      Next a quick stop for a few groceries and home for a light lunch. After lunch I did a short drive around the roads near here to see what there was to see. Right behind the park on a lot there has a few old vehicles and one that really brought back memories for me was this old Bus a Scenic cruiser. Back n the 1960's when I worked in the back office midnight shift in Toronto Ontario at the Gray Coach Bus Terminal we had these buses on the road. And a few times the drivers let me drive them a couple of miles to the garage, What a thrill that was. Back then they were standard transmissions  and driving through the streets of Toronto was so much fun, Mind you not much traffic at 1 am,  These would make a wonderful rv and have see a few converted ones over the years. Maybe we could convert one? Suzie says no, ok I can still dream right?
these were made between 1954 and 1956 by GMC
originally with 2-4 cylinder diesel engines
      Further  down this road is an original looking fence, really love this.
Then the Mustang Mountain Cowboy Church with a corral
and stands at the back of it for shows.
loving these clear blue sunny Arizona skies
even if it is cold.
       We were enjoying our reading outside and we had company drop by Sandy of Sandy and Randy, we met about 3 years ago in Quartzsite. A blog follower that wanted to talk to us about buying an rv  and full timing. We have run into them a few times over the years and they just happened to be in this park same time as us. Small world. They saw on RVillage that we were here and stopped by to say hi.
      So we walked over to their site to see Randy and chat for a while and do some catching up.
Suzie. Randy, Sandy
 Suzie Randy and me
      We got to see their brand new Weber Q 1000, that he was trying out for the very first time, he is going to cook up a storm to break it in.
new yes
wow ours has not looked like this for years!
Sandy brought out a snack of kale chips,
they were so tasty and healthy, may have to make some,
Randy had cooked some pork chops, now some moose burgers
 and moose sausage, he is breaking it in today 
       After a wonderful Happy hour and catch up with these guys, time for us to head on home to begin our  supper.
       Tonight a couple of salmon fillets, spaghetti squash with honey, Italian spice and parmesan cheese to go with our salad.
not long on our Weber Q and done to perfection
oh so tasty
And I did manage to catch the end of the sunset
 over the Whetstone mountains
       I borrowed (stole) this picture of us dancing last night at the clubhouse from Patsy's blog, thanks Patsy for sneakily taking this candid shot of us.
see we did get on the dance floor for a few songs
an I did not have my vest on!
          Another fun productive day with cooler weather but lots of sunshine sure  works for us. Still much nicer than back home.
          Just a quick thank you for joining us in our travels.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. We enjoyed Staying at Quail Ridge and once in a while we’d head into Sierra Vista at the Landmark Cafe for a bite to eat and good live music.
    Joe drove those scenicruisers in his career. He told some very interesting stories about the gear shift in the floor.
    I have two toy metal greyhound scenicruisers on my shelves.
    I remember our last winter in the desert at Catalina a very nice gentleman helped me with I think a frozen hose fitting I couldn’t get off the fawcett Thank you George and Duzie for helping me when Joe had to fly back to Oregon. That’s a sweet picture of you and Suzy dancing.
    Happy travels

    1. Thanks Betty.
      The original scenic cruisers with the 2-4 cylinder engines had a very difficult gear shift, later they were refurbished with v-8 engine and better transmission., I am sure Joe would have had some interesting stories about them.
      Yes Betty I remember that as well and going with you a Joe to the airport. We had to leave early for Suzie to fly home, that was our last time there at Catalina Spa.

  2. Do you spray the grill mat with Pam or some other cooking spray before using it? How do you clean the residue off the grill mat? I always appreciate your cooking advice!

    1. When it was brand new did not need to spray it now if I am using a BBQ sauce like on ribs I will give it a spray, just because I want to. It just washes nice and clean in the warm soapy dish water

  3. Hi Kids I Loved Quail Ridge, photographed whole scurries of of quail while I was there. George! So you dance? And you really do take off he vest sometimes? haha
    Fun to see Randy and Sandy. I seem to have lost touch with those guys. Do they blog at all?
    Enjoy the springtime!

    1. Hey Clancy nice to hear from you again. Love it here at Quail Ridge as well, lots of them around here. Yes we do dance , and I do take my vest off sometimes, lol...
      It was nice to see them again we met them the first time with You at Silly Al's In Quartzsite. Don't think they blog but they are on Village, that's how we hooked up this time. I know you were on there thats how you found Bloggerfest and us 3 years ago. Wow it was that long ago already ?

  4. George , when I saw that pic of you guys dancing on Patsy's blog, I couldn't figure out what was missing. Of course the vest.......... follow you every day. Barb

    1. Lol, I can fool some of the people some of the time, but not you . Thanks for following along.

  5. I can actually say my Weber Grill is not new any more, thanks to you George!!!

    1. Glad that you got to use it and hope you do to more.
      Nothing like BBQ'd food my opinion.

  6. We enjoyed the drives around the area too.
    Nice to have visitors drop in, especially ones you haven't seen in a few years!
    No problem borrowing the picture, I did it 'sneakily' , so did you. :)
    Warmer day coming today, mid 60's. Yay!

    1. Always enjoy exploring new areas and nice to see Sandy and Randy again as we cross paths. in out travels.
      Warmer is better and the sunshine wonderful.

  7. Dueling Webers! There's no loser for sure. It'll be good to have the laptop working perfectly again. My beloved Windows 7 Lenovo died, I doubt if I'll ever figure out this Windows 10 tablet!

    1. Yes what a team, its all good. Hopefully this will fix the laptop for a while to come.
      Last windows I used was XP, now using a Mac and love it.
      Suzie likes windows 10, good luck with your tablet.

  8. Great pic and story about the greyhound bus George. What a find! I worked as a mechanic at Elgin Ford just up the street from the TO bus terminal at Bay and Elm from '73-'80. Easy to pop down there on Fridays after work to catch a bus outta there to Kingston, Sudbury etc. That bus terminal had its own cast of characters and seedy 'vibe as all bus terminals do I suppose....present company excluded.

    1. Thanks was nice to see that bus and bring back memories.
      Small world.
      The terminal did have its characters there, I was there 67-70 then transferred to The Kitchener bus terminal until 79.
      Was nice for me as I had a free pass for these buses and the TTC .

  9. No vest but you had your hat! :)

  10. That picture of you and Suzie is so cute! It sure is a small world with all the people from all over that you run into..pretty cool! Great looking dinner and sunset!

    1. Thanks guys (we cute?) We have met so many people over the years and amazing how many we keep running into.
      Dinner was excellent thanks and the desert sunsets always good.

  11. Thanks for the Weber help, it took hours to get the moose sausages, moose burgers, chicken breasts and drumsticks (need more practice with that), cod fish and asparagus done. Now we set for quite a while! So happy to see you in the park. I see Patsy and Bill are here too, don't know if they recall meeting us in Quartzsite.

    1. Nice to see you guys again as well. tomorrow gonna be very windy not great for sitting outside, play that by ear.
      I think they will remember you guys from last year. Practice on the weber makes perfect.


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