Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Arizona Market Place a sunny warmer day and finally met a blog follower

Where are we today ? 
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    Hey we had a bit of rain overnight. But then his morning the sun came out and we enjoyed a pretty nice day. Got my first walkabout around the park done by 8 am.
a nice cactus garden here
cool  decorations here too
           Then back home for another coffee and shortly after 9am we hopped in the car to check out the Arizona Marketplace , one of our favourite markets to explore,
this the place to go
       Nice to go on a Thursday no need to pay on the weekend  one dollar per person  and nice that is so quiet here early in the morning , We can walk the isles and talk to the vendors if we wish without the crowds yet.
lots of awning shades here for good prices
you want STUFF? they have it
lotsa room to roam and we did
good prices on produce as well
then Wally's World , deals to be had
want ice cream ? not yet
no crowds yet
need a slot machine ?
yup it is
    Then the entertainment is just starting, this guy is pretty good.
starting to get busy , soon we can leave
a deal on these Mineolas 5 lbs 3 bucks
that is all we bought today
love these
     Back home just after 11 am a light tasty lunch and relax outside under our awning on a wonderful warm sunny afternoon.
yup a very nice afternoon only 72 f but feels wonderful
life is good
     I enjoyed a nice hot shower, dumped our sewage and filled our fresh water tank while Suzie cleaned our coach and gave the floors a good cleaning with her spin mop she loves.
enjoying this FREE 3 nights with full hookups
and free wifi bonus 
    About 3 pm this Harley pulled up and stopped in front of our site, Has to be Henk Dorst, a blog follower that does not comment but has e mailed us for the last 5 years . Finally we get to meet him ! I believe he is from British Columbia Canada, Maybe Alberta, my memory is not that great. But he spends pretty well every winter in this area and we have been trying to hook up all these years, He met the Bayfield Bunch I think 2 years ago in Congress and has followed both of us. Actually the 4-5 of us.
this be Henk a single rv'er
looking for a nice companion to join him(female)
hope I did not say something wrong Henk.

    It was so nice to meet him after all these years and so much to talk about, well we flapped our gums for a couple of hours and enjoyed his company. He would love to travel east in Canada and explore SW Ontario where we hang out if he can find a place to stay (reasonable) of a while.
he has a ride he loves to do , and travels in a nice class A coach
 spending his winters here in the Yuma Area
Henk  (Henkster) and me
Suzie likes his ride too, but no bikini
he asked for
Henk heading out with a wave ,
nice to finally meet you.
      Soon after he was gone I whipped up supper, tonight a simple stir fry with 5 large shrimp each  we picked in yesterday in Mexico.
easy and quick
oh my, what a tasty feast we had
     Now I actually managed to catch a nice sunset here, behind the ballroom, ( I had to search for it) and did not disappoint .
       That was our fun last day here did what we wanted to do in the area and bonus meeting another blog follower. In the morning we heading on out slowly making our way east back home. First stop some nice quiet desert camping for a while .
      Glad that y'all dropping in for a visit and hope you had a great day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. I've never gotten out of AZ Marketplace with just oranges. It's usually a big bag of stuff I didn't know I needed.
    Nice to meet a follower. I know we were thrilled to meet you and Suzie.
    Suzie looks great on the bike. You better keep her away from the mortorcycle shows or you'll be trailering one behind the motorhome, and no Saturn.

    1. We seldom buy anything there that is not edible, but always a fun market to explore
      It was fun finally meeting Henk and so many years of correspondence.
      I tried for a motorcycle but she would not go for it, so the Saturn will just have to do.

  2. Nice that you finally had the opportunity to meet up with the a blog follower.
    So evidently Tom and I arrived at the Arizona Market Place last Saturday before they started collecting the $1 to get in. On the way out Tom said it looked like people were being charged to go in and I guess they were. Being early birds we saved $2.00...LOL

    1. It was fun finally meeting him a real nice fellow.
      Always pays to be early most places beat the crowds and save some money.

  3. Why no bikini Suzie! Great produce prices. Excellent sunset shots.

    1. Thanks Contessa. We tried but she said it was not warm enough out, lol.

  4. Excellent day, glad you enjoyed it.

    Love Henk's ride, I can see why Suzie likes it too.

    Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. It was a fun day and the sunshine back again wonderful !

  5. It's always nice to meet friends...especially finally meeting old friends in person!! That's a nice ride Hank!!!
    That market place sure has about anything you might want!! I'd love to walk through there!!

    1. It was nice to meet hime and this Marketplace is always fun to explore

  6. Every time we go to that market, I ask Paul if I can buy that lite cactus. I love that thing. Guess what his answer always is....let's just say I don't have one :(

    1. LOl lots of things might be nice but do we really need them. .
      Love the market.

  7. Love love Arizona Marketplace. It's a fun place to spend an afternoon. Tell Henk to drop me a line. As an old Harley rider, I think we might have something in common!!

    1. Will do Nancy.
      The market place is wonderful always a fun place to explore.

  8. Thank you for all the nice comments... I sure enjoyed our visit.. This just goes to show us all .. Not to postpone things and visits.We then miss out on visits we could of had..

    1. It sure was nice to finally meet you, Looking forward to getting together again, Hopefully this coming fall again.

  9. We enjoy the Marketplace too, don't mind the crowds as I like people watching too!
    We certainly leave with more than a bag of fruit. :)
    Homeward bound, EH? Expect some rain if you come too far but nicer tomorrow.

    1. It is a fun place to explore. We don't usually buy too much, not much we need.
      Yup on the road taking our time. Hopefully we can avoid the rain.

  10. Nice market. Think I went there once several years back. Mexican music for entertainment. Really nice.

    Suzie looks great on Henkster's Harley. Need to buy her one 😂.

    Safe travels today.

    1. It is a wonderful market we always enjoy.
      I would like to buy her one but she says no .....

  11. Now Suzie is a great looking biker chick. Maybe a Harley in your future??? :cD

  12. What a wonderful market, produce prices are amazing.

    Henk sure had a beautiful bike. Miss those days

    1. This market is awesome we love it.
      He sure does have a very nice bike, I miss them too, great memories.

  13. Gosh darn, wish I knew someone for Henk. Love the Harley,,and Suzie looks like she belongs there!He looks like a really great guy! Nice smile! I love that lit cactus! Would really make the campsite look inviting! We'll definitely have to go back to the marketplace next year was a lot of fun. Beautiful sunset once again!

    1. Thanks guys.
      I gave him a couple of leads the rest is up to him. He seems like a very nice fellow have chatted with him for 5 years now and finally met him.
      It is a wonderful bike, and I agree Suzie looks right a home on it.


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