Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kawartha downs Casino to Galvin Bay Resort, Buckhorn Ontario and wedding posting too.

Where are we today ?
       Had a very quiet night here at Kawartha Downs Raceway and a good nights sleep. A beautiful sunny, warm morning and a nice walkabout after computing and coffees.Next to where we are parked is a soap box ramp. Really kinda cool!
carts are taken up this ramp,
carts launched from here,
finish line in the distance
from the launch ramp our coach and the casino
       Shortly after 9 am we wandered back into the casino to get yet another $10.00 free slot play each and a free breakfast,  how can you beat that? Yesterday we won $32.90 on the free $20.00 slots play we were given, today a free breakfast, also free coffee's and soft drinks and a free parking spot for the night. Sure would be great if all campgrounds paid you to be there!
pretty decent free breakfast
        After a couple hours free penny slots we returned to our coach (no more winnings other than a free breakfast). I wanted to win more than $10.00 to cash in but only got to $9.00 a few times. Now to relax and read out side in the shade until the rain began about 1 pm. We will hang out here for a while longer as we are not allowed to check into our park until 3 pm (first campground we have been in that they enforce it, new owners). No problem we are home wherever we are.
        Galvin Bay resort is our Coast to Coast Membership home park and we can camp here for 2 weeks in, one week out for free (except this year they are charging $5.00 a night for electricity). We do pay a maintenance fee to belong to the system but considering we use these resorts year round its still very cheap camping.
40 kms (24 miles)today
       Almost there, just love this part of Ontario.
          We check in shortly after 3 pm and pulled into our site to get set up.As we are doing this neighbors beside us stopped by (Mike and Vera) met them is southern California about 4 years ago, so nice to see then again. And another couple Peter and Janni we met about 5 years ago at Rock Glen resort, now is this a small world or what? We chatted with both couples for a long time and will catch up bit more while we are here.
          Finally set up we preheated our Weber Q and read our books for a while before prepping supper.
a huge campsite we have
the view looking east
        Tonight we can enjoy a very tasty Basa Fillet topped with fresh lemon, Seasoned with Old Bay spice,  grilled orange pepper and a mixed salad with kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a whole mess of good stuff.
sure did the trick tonight
      While at the casino this afternoon, had some free time while it rained a bit so wrapped up the posting for the fun wedding we went to in Caledonia New York. check below.
      I finally had time to edit the pictures I took at Billy and Anna's wedding last Saturday and fast enough internet to to upload and post. If you care to go back and take a look you can click HERE. We did have a lot of fun. Even got to wear our suits and lotsa dancing too !
even dressed up we had fun
      Thats what we have been doing and can enjoy a couple weeks here just doing what we enjoy. Living in our coach.
       Thanks for stopping by again for a peek. If you are in the area stop on by, we are really looking forward to vegging out for a while until the hitch itch catches up with us again.

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Sounds like they paid you to stay with them. Now that is something we would love to experience.

    1. Worked out pretty good for us, gotta love these campgrounds.

  2. Free slots, free breakfast, free parking! That's the way to go for sure. Who IS that great looking couple anyway? It's a beautiful picture. :) Hope the storms missed you as it did us.

    1. We did enjoy it, a real nice change.
      Thanks Patsy, no storms here.

  3. You two clean up pretty good! I must say.

  4. You did well not giving the $32.90 back to the casino as I nearly always do. I looked at the new campground on Google Earth and it looks like a big place in a great location.

    1. Well I figure if I ma up that much money on $5.00 may as well cash it in and play with more of their free money.
      It is a great place we enjoy coming too a few times a year.

  5. Nice spot to call home for awhile! You two looked great all spiffied up!

    1. We do enjoy it here.
      So nice not to have to wear those clothes every day now.

  6. wow . glad the storms missed you. Those can do a lot of damage especially to RVs.


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