Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Heading to New York but an overnight stop to visit along the way.

Where are we today ?
        Up and ready to hit the road this morning but in no rush. Just down the road 82 miles to visit with A good friends of ours Christine and Bill. Her and Suzie grew up together with their families across the road from each there back on the farm near New Hamburg.
135 kms ( 82 miles) today
         Puttering around waiting for the early morning rain to let up then secured our coach and hit the road about 10:30 this morning after saying so long to of friends here at Rock Glen. Arrived at their place by noon, and the girls began to chat and chat some more. Bill and I talked a bit and puttered around keeping busy doing stuff all afternoon. I got things set up here along with our Weber Q. The plan is a grilled pork loin roast and my version of scalloped potatoes wrapped in foil on the grill. So easy and no muss or fuss. For the recipe click HERE or check my recipe blog on the top right of my sidebar. I just doubled the recipe  to serve 4 and used cream of Broccoli soup instead of Mushroom soup. Chris does not like mushrooms.
As soon as we got there the girls began to catch up,
it takes a while after a year
      I enjoy the visit to, but every so often out side to finish setting up, and prepare supper. They have a nice large lot and a great place to hang out for a the night and visit.
our spot for the night
         Fired up our Weber Q start the roast and scalloped taters, low and slow. Less the an hour pork perfect at 145f and and taters too.
ready to go
we added some frozen mixed veggies pretty tasty
        Chris had whipped up a nice rhubarb crisp, rhubarb from their garden.
love rhubarb
add a little dream whip hit the spot
        Next thing we know its 9 o'clock. We been there chatting for 9 hours! Well mostly the girls, but its always a fun visit. Thanks guys for the wonderful visit parking spot for the night and awesome desert.
AND tomorrow is Chris's birthday Happy Birthday Chris, I just know she will have a great day, now that we are leaving !!!
        Now in the morning we heading to Caledonia New York ( Near Rochester) for a wedding on saturday. Not sure if the camp ground has internet and we are no paying $60.00 to activate our verizon Mifi for two days of usage. So if you don't hear from us for  a couple days, we busy having fun with a whole mess of friends at the wedding.
this we we heading for the weekend
        So thanks again for stopping by, we had fun today and just know we will have a fun weekend.  Great weather predicted too.
        We will checkin in if we can if not see y'all early next week.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Rhubarb crisp is a great summer desert. Looks good.
    Have fun at the wedding.

  2. Sounds like a marvelous visit. Girls always have so much to talk about.

    Safe travels. Hope all goes well with the wedding and the weather cooperates.

  3. Have fun down in the U S of A...

  4. Fine looking meal you whipped up.

  5. Love the rhubarb. Once when we lived in Texas I found some at a grocery store -- a very rare thing then. The checker had no idea what it was! That looks like another good looking meal from you on that grill .

  6. The rhubarb sounds wonderful. Mom used to grow rhubarb and always fixed the best desserts. That's neat that you got to stop and visit with friends on your way to the wedding. Have a great time.

    1. When I had my restaurant had hug rhubarb patch in my backyard. Sure baked a lot of rhubarb custard pies back them. It nice to have friends with large properties, that we can visit.

    2. A made hundreds of rhubarb pies when I had my restaurant with a huge rhubarb patch in the back yard. iT nice to have friends with large country properties.

  7. LIfe is just one big party :) Enjoy!

    1. We sure will, much better than working like we used to.


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