Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hanging out, good weather, chat with people, enjoy reading and cooking supper.

Where are we today ?
          Nice warm night, windows open and good sleeping weather. Usual early morning stuff and walkabouts the resort a few times. Saw tiny wildlife again. Small turtle looks like it was laying eggs right in the middle of the gravel roadway. Dumb turtle.
few more bunnies doing what bunnies do?
Eating grass here
        More walkabouts chatting with people here and there. Our friends Emile and Monique arrived last night. Saw them last at Rock Glen Resort in Arkona. Gonna pick up our 9 bottles of wine that carried for us while we crossed the border and back last weekend(if there is any left). Too much to for us to take there and back. We would either have to pay duty or forfeit to customs, don't want to do that!
       After enjoying our books for while in the shade over to Norm and Pat's for a "social hour" and Suzie got her "doggie fix" with Billy Jean (BJ) on her lap and feeding her treats too. She is a pretty spry Jack Russel .
She can sure jump for her treats.
Jim was there too with Max
         Shortly after 4 o'clock the weather cooled down a bit and skies darkened, storm coming in, so we grabbed our chairs and headed back home. Time for supper anyway. Fired up our Weber Q, made a nice salad to go with grilled Basa fillets, grilled asparagus and a Jalapeno pepper for me.
5 o'clock the rain came down
cooking supper,under the awning,
 watching and listening to the rain
only a few minutes and ready to eat
pretty tasty
         Then after dishes and garbage patrol (rain has stopped by now) we enjoyed some more reading out side on another beautiful evening.
          Did notice this trailer's awning had been trashed with the heavy rain. Nobody home and awning not tilted. Too bad.
 oopps !
Glad it is not ours
       Now that was it for a vey nice relaxing day, we really enjoyed it. Hope you enjoyed yours too!
       Wanna thank you again for stopping by.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Oops is right on the awning. I bet they were pretty disgusted when they saw it.

    1. They have not seen it yet, think they are gone for the week.
      We never go away for a any length of time with our awning set up, Even then it is very low and tied down.

    2. Seen quite a few awnings broken over the years. Our awning is not able to be tilted so my hard rule is if we're not sitting under it, it gets rolled up. Them things are expensive!

    3. That is the best way to do it. That's what we do especially when down south in the winter.
      Here we tie it down with a huge tilt, Unless we are going away.

  2. Too bad for the lesson to be learned that when one goes away, one best put the awning away

    1. That is a seasonal site and the people are away more than they are here.

  3. Oh boy. I had to replace our awning once after what I'm sure was a "micro burst" up in Grand Bend. That that was even though I never left the thing out unattended. It all happened so fast.
    Should be in the instructions, and maybe it is. Never leave your site with the awning out unless there's not a cloud in the sky.

    1. We lost an awning on our class b, many years ago while setting it up a gust of wind came along and took it across the road into the bushes.

  4. I doubt that the turtle is dumb. Likely its environment has been damaged by humans. It was looking for sand to lay the eggs in. So did it lay the eggs in the gravel? What happened next? Did someone move them to a sandy area?

    1. I waited quite a while and nothing happened, don't know if it was actually laying eggs or not for sure. Came back later, turtle gone and could not find that spot again, Traffic had packed down the gravel.

  5. Our grand kids are with us for the week and when I came home home from errand running Sophia had a box turtle in a box.


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