Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another fun day and nice visit with friends we have not seen for a few years.

Where are we today ?
        Just the same stuff here more great weather and sunshine gotta love it. Early morning stuff, then a run to Forest for a few items and back home for lunch. Having an issue with the ignition switch in our car, so over to the garage in Arkona and was diagnosed with what I thought. Need a new one switch. Just replaced it 14 months ago.Hmmm. a one year warranty so can't go that route. They checked things out and can get the part in the morning and install it for us. Good deal don't want be stranded again like we were last spring. Leaving here first thing thursday morning.
        We had been in touch with friends we met at 50 Point  Conservation area in the summer of 2009 while visiting with the Larry and Marilyn (of the Amazing Vanstones). They had shown us lots of pictures of their previous winter on Stone Island near Mazatlan Mexico where they had travelled with their rv. Discussed this whole issue and had agreed to venture into Mexico with Larry and Mar and check this place out. Well we headed down to Tres Amigos Rv park and met up with Roy and Kathie again. He was not well at the time and had to return to Canada for cancer treatment. But we did get to visit with them for a while and thoroughly enjoyed the three months we had in Mexico.
        Met with them again back here in 2010 and kept in touch. A short while ago he sent me a message to see if we knew anyone that would be interested in a blue Ox tow Bar and brake buddy to flat tow a car behind their motorhome. Right away I contacted other friends John and Barb, they made a deal and arranged to have Roy and Kathie drop the package of at our place here at Rock Glen. They only live a short distance away. This was a two fold bonus, saved John and Barb an 8 hour round trip drive and we got to get together with these guys again. Its been 4 years!  We will deliver this package next week when we see them.
Roy and Kathie, looking great
their dog Lexus, amazing dog, that we played
with on the beach in Mexico
This is the Brake buddy and tow bar they
 dropped off, good deal!
         Before we knew it the afternoon slipped on by. Its really amazing how time flies when you are getting caught up with wonderful conversation. 
         By the time they left I got it together and whipped up a nice tasty supper on our Weber Q. For those interested our is a Weber Q 100. But for 2014 it has been reworked slightly and is now called the Weber Q 1000. Same great grill with a few improvements.
          For tonight a couple small boneless pork chops, grilled potatoes and fresh asparagus.
our grill doing all the work
yep did the trick today

        Another day slipped on by, meeting up with old friends and enjoy this great weather some more. 
        Thanks for stopping on by again and hope you enjoyed your day too.

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. nice of you to help some friends out by brokering a great deal..

  2. It certainly is fun meeting people in different places and getting together over and over again. It gives us all something to look forward to. Looks like you're still enjoying yourselves.

  3. It's so nice to revisit with friends....and nice of you to help out.

    1. We have a lot of contacts and like to help when we can.

  4. Gosh I recognized Kathy but not Roy. He is a true survivor after all he has been through. Nice to see Lexus, such an energetic dog. Sounds like they might be selling their RV. I had heard that they were going to come to the Isla this past winter and stay in a home or a condo but they didn't make it. Maybe next season.

    1. They have sold their rv and hope to get there next year.

  5. Really jealous of your weather. We're lucky to be getting a day or two above 10 degrees and same thing for the amount of sunny days we get :(

    1. Your time will come and you can get out on tour bike to enjoy the weather soon!


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