Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Taking it easy with a bit cooler weather.

Where are we today ?
        Another wonderful night sleeping, comforter off the bed, no heater and windows open, gotta love it! This morning a few nice walkabouts the resort, and stopped by a fellow rv'er that spent 6 hours yesterday trying to set up his Shaw satellite dish and never got it working. So I took a look, gave him a few pointers and in 15 minutes we had a great signal and they now have TV. They have been members here a lot of years and a pretty spry couple for being in their early 80's.
        Also chatted with Ron and Loree (Freddy too) for a few minutes. We ran into them a few times this past winter in Arizona. They stay here for the summer and have a seasonal trailer.
         With a sunny day and a breeze was still nice enough to enjoy our books outside. People walk by and chat and the dogs head for Suzie. She is getting her doggie fix.
this be Tucker
       Then a bit later gonna check out the pool and hot tub. Not busy, just the way I like it. So Suzie came to watch me swim and soak (my lifeguard). Better do it before this upcoming busy long weekend here in Canada.
hot tub
wonderful heated pool
     We even checked out the new children's play house that they added last year. Great for children's parties etc....
        We heard some Canada Geese making a lot of noise so went to check them out. Up the road a bit and even a couple on the roof of a trailer that just pulled in.
        Got to read for a while a bit more outside, but then it cooled down, overcast and rain showers for a while. No Happy hour today! No problem, we have lotsa days to be sociable.
         Then supper time arrived, think we grill a couple Pizza Brats from Missouri, and (like my sauerkraut).
        While waiting for supper Gerry came by again with Tucker. He could not resist jumping on Suzie's lap again for a rub.(thats Tucker I am talking about!)
Tucker is back
        Then fired up our Weber Q, grilled a couple Brats and heated up a small can of sauerkraut.
         I added to that a quick dish of Ramon Noodles, with fresh broccoli and the Brats on a fresh bun I picked up at the store today.
really hit the spot
         Another fun day in the life of us being fulltime rv'ers. Always something new to see and do, never a minute to get bored.
         Thanks again for dropping on by for a visit, nice to see ya'll.

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to some fellow bloggers.
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  1. Hahaa…. love Tucker ~ whatta mug! and look at the geese?! … on the roof! rascals…. love the Canadian Geese ... they visit us in the south quite often ...

    pizza brats? … well… hmm ... I dunno .. pizza brats? does it taste like pepperoni??? I like the broccoli in the ramen noodles.... good idea!

    1. They just taste like pizza with tomato sauce, italian seasoning, onion, garlic, peppers cheese, really quite tasty.

  2. I have never heard of pizza brats either! You sure know how to throw a meal together...
    It was really sweet of you to help the couple with their satellite dish. I hope we are still on the road when we are in our 80s!

    1. They have been coming here for years a really nice couple.

  3. Yup, those geese are loco, still making a racket at 11PM here.

    Just wondering if the satellite problems and your solutions might be of interest to your readers?

    1. Very easy process. Set tripod on the ground with an unobstructed view of the s/w sky. Make sure it is perfectly plum (level) Thats the trick. Install dish and set elevation and skew according to the settings available on for your location and satellite, for us scroll down to Starchoice. for the two satellites. Then just aim the dish to the compass setting moving slowly until you get a strong signal.

    2. That is pretty basic, starting with a perfectly level tripod. We get our signal within minutes when we are. I guess many folks don't know about being level.

    3. Being level is the whole secret.

  4. Geese on a rubber roof...probably not a good thing!

  5. We used to have to set up our satellite receiver every time we moved. Some places were a snap and others seemed next to impossible. We stopped doing that and got the one on the roof. It's much easier than before. We just push that little button and 99% of the time it works! You'll have several months to enjoy that nice weather. Looks like you're getting used to it already.

    1. We have one on the roof, but not for our shaw dish. Used it for a few years when we had a Bell satellite receiver. Most of our campgrounds are in the trees other than down south. So the tripod works much better for these conditions. And usually have it up and running in 10 minutes or less.


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