Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No rain , just sunshine and a warm almost summer day....

Where are we today ?
          Just the usual 5 am up and  ready to go. Computing and coffee while it is so quiet. Waiting for the sunrise to see what kinda day we gonna have. A little foggy first thing but very mild, in the mid 60's and humid after lotsa rain last night. Eventually the sun burned off the fog and all is good. A wonderful hot and humid day, temps in the mid 80's f (28c) almost like summer!
morning fog
sunshine, blue skies and green grass,
           Lots of baby bunnies hopping around her too, nice to see.
         Got in a few walkabouts then headed on down to the amazing fitness room that is included in our membership. Thought we would spend a bit of time there. The equipment is really state of the art and all the machines you would ever need. What they have here would put many high end facilities to shame. And not too busy on a weekday in the early afternoon.
       Now after all that fun we can enjoy some reading time on our private, quiet site for a few hours. Gotta sit in the shade today, too hot in the sun, kinda like that!
          We were invited to Ron and Loree's for happy hour at 4 o'clock, so headed up the hill to their spot. Passed this turtle on the road heading into the pond, it was moving slowing until we got real close and slowed down. Then scurried into the water.
Suzie and Freddie on their deck, relaxing
      Then time to head home and fire up our Weber Q, cook up some carrots in foil, grilled zucchini slices and a couple salmon fillets.
       Added a tasty lettuce salad and we had a very filling supper.
hit the spot again
         Supper done and still a very warm evening, walkabout, then we can enjoy reading outside until about 8:30, not enough light now. And it is still 70f (21c) is that now just about perfect?
        That was it for today thought it was pretty good, because the weather guessers predicted rain for most of the day. Love it when they screw up.
         Again, thank you for stopping by and for all the birthday wishes yesterday too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. That turtle probably thought you were stalking him for soup.

  2. You sure seem to be finding great places to stay. Glad the rain isn't hanging around. At least it makes for a much better day int he campground. Enjoy!

    1. Its always nice when it does not rain. Another reason when love Arizona.

  3. We used to have rabbits here in our park, likely left by visitors. They became out of control and were everywhere eating all the plants and flowers and gardens. For the past few years traps have been set to catch them and relocates them. In fact the city of Kelowna had the same problem, rabbits all over the boulevards downtown. So far this year we have not a single rabbit. I guess they were all caught, hard to believe.

    1. We are right in farm country with lotsa of bush, so we have rabbits, skunks, geese, birds, turtles, ground hogs and deer around, but don't seem to be a problem.

  4. With all of those rabbits running around, I am surprised that one has not found your Weber Q.....or a pot for stew! LOL

    That park looks quite nice and the fitness facility certainly looks top class.

    1. Te rabbits are too small yet they need to grow up.
      The fitness facility here is excellent too.


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