Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Plattsville Community Yard sales a fun day. Saturday

Where are we today ?
         If you want to have a successful yard sale you need a lot of customers. And what better way than to advertise a community yard sale. They have been doing this for years and is always a fun day for everyone. People come for all over on many modes of transportation.
the Mennonite deluxe taxi
       We wandered pretty well the whole village for many hours. Stopped in at the Christian School to visit with daughter number two and our grandsons. They were very busy having a baked sale, BBQ and the very popular test drive a Ford event. People were lined up most of the day until 2pm test driving all the different vehicles, a huge success for the school.
        It was a nice sunny day but a cool wind, at least it was not raining. We drove the streets and parked where we could find a spot, checked out the deals (did not buy anything though). We chatted with so many people some we have not seen for years, such a fun day.
        Even stopped by Marc and Erin's for a nice coffee and chat. They had just returned from Sarasota Florida for their sons wedding, they had a wonderful time.
almost anything you could want for sale,
a  Pop up trailer here
park where you can but only on one side of the street
Daffodils and tulips
       All that exploring around town sure was fun, then back home for a light lunch and enjoy our books out of the wind on a nice warm sunny afternoon.
       Then 4 o'clock down the country roads a few miles to Wilmot Centre (tiny hamlet) for a nice visit with good friends Darla and Ben.
Suzie got her doggie fox with
Tequila and George
I was told to take a rare picture of Darla in the kitchen
Ben basting a HUGE Beer can chicken
oh so good, Ben loves cooking too
       The meal was perfect and just before it was served Ben's son and friend dropped by, perfect timing for dinner. Such a nice surprise.
A huge chicken wing, mini taters,
caesar salad and garlic bread
then Darla's cheesecake with strawberries,
bananas, dream whip and caramel sauce
light and tasty
       It is so much fun reconnecting with friends, we did see them last year, the conversation just keeps flowing and flowing, then before we know it past 9 pm. Bedtime for us. Better head on home or will be falling asleep before I know it.
       Too late for me to put together this posting so first thing this morning, Guess I will two in one Day!
       Thanks for stopping by. Oh and a Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mothers out there.
See ya later
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. I am very dangerous at sales like that one...hehe

    1. With our small house there is really not much room for anything more, but it is fun to explore.

  2. We need to have a yard sale to get rid of some of our stuff. That bird looks really good and the pup it really cute.

  3. I love garage sales. What fun that would have been! Even though we don't have room for more stuff, it's always interesting to see if there is something we might just like. Looks like you definitely had a great day.

    1. Sure was a fun day, nice to wander about town too!

  4. Those yard sales looked pretty good from what I could see. That chicken on the bbq was one big bird!

    1. It sure was a big bird over 12 lbs!

  5. What a great way to have a garage sale. We had a community RV Park sale on Saturday but as everyone lives in small units it was on a smaller scale with small items. We were looking for bikes to bring down to Mexico but didn't find anything suitable.

    1. This has always been a huge success!

  6. It takes good control to browse through garage sales and not buy anything.

    Meeting up with friends for a very nice chicken BBQ is special.

    1. Meeting with friends is a great time.

  7. Community yard sales are better than the hit or miss ones. You can hit them all in one day.

  8. Wow! what a garage sale! .... and "cheesecake with strawberries, bananas, dream whip and caramel sauce light and tasty"

    light??? holy moly ... I gained 12 pounds looking at it...

    1. Only had a tiny piece, but sure was yummy, cut down on dinner to.


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