Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, a Day of Rest...

Where are we today ?
Robertsdale Alabama
        Another cold night but we are comfy, great for sleeping. Lotsa blankets and a hat on my head so snuggly warm !!
        This morning up early waiting for the sunrise and warmer weather. Walkabouts, coffees and computing , the usual stuff, all is good.
        Make up some ham salad for lunch time sandwiches, (using up our ham in many ways) left over beans, then time to relax in the sunshine outside and read for a while. Gotta do it while we can. Cold nights but warm in the day time sun.
a nice afternoon
         As things cool off time to head inside about 4:30, I whipped up a few corn meal muffins, and a tasty ham and corn casserole for supper. Another tasty dish from our leftover ham.
fresh baked muffins and casserole 
really hit the spot
        Not real exciting but was perfect for us, so nice to take it easy when we can. Get lotsa walkabouts the resort, chat with people and don't need to be out and about everyday. After all this is our house.
         Once again just wanna thank ya'll for stoppin' by.

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  1. been chilly at night here too..but not furnace chilly...nice toasty warm breathing fresh cool air..I love it...then nice warm days...

    1. We don't run our furnace at night, just a few minutes in the morning to warm things up. a small electric heater does the rest. The fresh cool air is nice.

  2. The day unfolds as you want it to.....always good.

  3. Wow! enjoyed seeing your pictures from the museum post. Sure looks like it would be fun for you to go back again when time allows, so much to see there. You sure have made some nice tasty dishes out of that ham. Been out of it for a while, but will be blogging again for the start of the New Year. Our Best New Year wishes to you and Suzie.

    1. All the best to you guys too. So much you can do with leftovers.
      Looking forward to your posts.


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