Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Colder, and sunny, perfect day for a large pot of ham and potato soup

Where are we today ?
        Wow we had heavy rain last night for a few hours, wind and some thunder, but no tornadoes. Power outage for a while and lost our satellite tv for a bit. No problem just turned our inverter, switch to tv antenna and we good to go. Of course this only happens 5 minutes after we turn on the tv about 8 o'clock at night.
        But had a good sleep listening to the very heavy rain on our roof, kinda lulls us to sleep. This morning was cold again about 27f (-3c) but sunshine and not too windy, sure felt like fall weather. Great day to make a pot of soup.
campground getting busier
         A quick trip to town for a few things and back home to work on our left over ham from the other day. Started with ham and eggs for lunch, a treat for us, then carved up the rest, made a nice big pot of ham and potato soup perfect for a cool day. Even got a chance to read for bit while it simmered away.
tasty Ham and Potato soup
         After sampling it we decided that we could have nice hearty supper of the soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, sure hit the spot. (somebody has to eat it). Oh and a couple of my homemade shortbread cookies for desert. We have a bit more ham left, a few sandwiches and a casserole should do it tomorrow.
perfect for a cool day
        Not summer weather but sunshine, no snow and almost 55f (13c) in the sun. Nice for a few walkabouts at least.
        Now before we know its time to relax, compute and read a bit more, turn on the tube for a few minutes then hit the sack. Nothing too exciting but hey, we had a busy day yesterday, can take it easy today. And that is something we do enjoy.
         Glad you dropped in and hope you had a great day too.

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  1. Nice to relax, we are doing the same during our little getaway.

  2. There's nothing better than hot soup on a cold day. I've been complaining about the weather but it's nothing like you're getting there. Sounds like it might be time for you to get outta there!

    1. The soup hit the spot, and Tuesday we are going , but probably not far enough.

  3. No snow's the operative word, George. It's cold all over it seems. Good idea with the soup.

  4. Happy New Year...
    and remember, "cold" is relative :))
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. That soup looks good. Wished Denis would eat something other than just chicken. Cool in Orlando too but sun is warm.

    1. We enjoy most everything, but we do enjoy chicken too, one of our favorites.


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