Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Relocating today but not far at all.

Where are we today ?
        Well we have been at Styx River resort for a week (ROD membership) and need to do a week out . So across the interstate 2.6 miles we have a Coast to Coast Park, Wilderness Rv Resort where we can stay for $10.00 a night, then back to Styx for our no-overnight fee camping.
        No rush to go anywhere and as we are getting ready to go our new neighbor John, another fulltimer from Michigan came over to present us with a couple of his stocking hats that he makes (in Canada we call then a toque). This is his hobby, he makes and gives away over 200 every year. He doesn't sell them because he says: "If I give it to you you will remember me" and we will. Thanks John! We will be back next week and see you again.
lotsa stocking hats
         Now jacks up slide in, all secure and we head off about 11 am, for one of the shortest rv journeys that we take. Coach not even warmed up and we are at our destination. Check in with the friendly manager George (I like that name!) and got set up on our site in time to make lunch.
here we are
relaxing in the shade
        This only takes a few minutes to set up including the satellite dish,  and have a bite to eat. Then I take a walkabout the resort, (Suzie having a snooze after the long travel day). Then we can get our chairs out to relax in the shade and enjoy our books. Never noticed it before but no road noise here compared to Styx River and can barely here the gunshots from the shooting range.  Oh yeah its quiet and peaceful, gonna love it here.
lotsa friendly geckos here too
wonderful blue shies and no wind
        Shortly after 5 o'clock it was getting too dark to read outside. So in to whip up another tasty supper. Tonight using up some pork from our freezer to make pulled pork on a bun, boiled redskin potatoes and peas, really hit the spot.
        Now a slow casual meal that we enjoy, chat for a while then time for Suzie to whip up the dishes while I compute and blog for a while, read a bit more then let the tv watch me before its time for bed.
        Thanks for dropping in for a peak, we really like these short travel days for a change. New campground, new scenery, new neighbors, does it get any better?  Think not.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. nothing like a short ride and total change of scenery :)

  2. Sometimes (or most times) the short relocations are better than the long ones.

  3. Short travel days are fun !!

    You don't have to travel far to get new a brand new feeling in the same part of the country.

    Keep having fun ... TnT

    1. We having fun everyday, that's the only way to go.

  4. Nice to have choices and a new view out the windows...never gets boring!

  5. Try not to overdo it. Might get hurt.

  6. I bet you didn't even hookup the toad!

  7. That's the kind of travel day I really enjoy. Looks like the long drive to your new RV Park was really worth it.


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