Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Relocate again today

Where are we today ?
        This morning secure the coach and make the very short drive (2.6miles) back to Styx River resort where our coach plans to be for the next three weeks. Left here just before 11 am and all set up, satellite dish working and finished lunch by 12 noon. Love these short travel days.
        Lunch done, picked up our package at the office, Brake Buddy has arrived all repaired and like new. Love the service, courier to Kansas and back, like new again, less than 2 hundred dollars.  Ten days total from the time it left here.
        We have a bit of laundry to do, so I got that done while Suzie cleaned the house, sparkling clean now, wow, Wonder woman she is. Had a checklist of things to pack for our journey tomorrow, So got the suitcases out and all organized. Hmm we really hate packing, to leave our house (guess we kinda spoiled eh?) but something we need to do.
all settled in
         Yesterday we had warm humid weather and a tornado warning, now today it's COLD ! Long pants, socks, shoes, sweater, hat, only got up to maybe 50f (10c) no sunshine at all today and by 4 o'clock 36f (3c).  Here we are for happy hour with Emile and Monique dressed like Eskimos, yesterday in shorts!
cheers, its only 4 o'clock too
Suzie trying to keep warm
         But this cold weather is ok for right now because we are hitting the road in the morning for a quick trip back to Ontario (weather about the same there) Road trip YEAH !!!!. Visit family, celebrate a bit then back down here to thaw out.
        With this weather we need some comfort food and tonight I gonna throw together up a hot turkey sandwich,  creamy whipped potatoes and peas, just kinda hit the spot.
        So thats it for today, relax a bit, early to bed, early to rise and hit the road. Drop in tomorrow and will tell you more about this journey.
        Thanks for the read, hope you had a great day too.

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  1. Cold front went through here as well today. Not nearly as cold as you! But still cooler than we're used to.

  2. May your travels be Safe and Enjoyable.

    It's about time.

  3. Burr...Hope the heater is working well tonight! Stay warm.

  4. We heard about the tornado that hit a little farther south. Certainly doesn't look like the weather has been wonderful. Hopefully, the sun will return and storms go away.

  5. When we lived in Puerto Rico, my eldest brother and his wife flew over from Florida where they had a place on Pine Island. (They've been snowbirds since 1988)
    I was a little taken aback to hear about some of the cold temperatures in Florida! His wife was finally able to get "warmed up" with us on the island. I guess I had always thought Florida was hot.

    1. They lead you believe its always hot but not necessarily so.

  6. Brrrr.....that sure looks cold! The dinner you made sure warms the place up though - perfect on a cold day.

    Safe travels back to Ontario.

  7. A tad chilly for me.

    ....home for the holidays?????

  8. Not cold here in the Everglades. Rather hot actually and we're not used to the humidity. Glad the AC is working but all generators have to be off by 8PM whether its hot or not. Getting used to is.
    Suzie looks so funny all bundled up like that.
    Why does your food always look so good? Makes me wish I had some gravy to pour over mashed potatoes tonight.


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