Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Road trip the first leg..

Where are we tonight?
La Grange Kentucky
        Got off to a nice early start , hit road at 6:25 am just as the sun was beginning to rise, hopped onto I-65 and headed north thru Montgomery and Birmingham Alabama, Nashville Tennessee, Bowling Green and Louisville Kentucky. We finally stopped at La Grange Kentucky was 5pm (but now 6pm after a time zone change) and getting dark (don't like to drive in the dark, something about getting older me thinks).
        But we did manage to get more than half way 644 miles today and nice and smooth. Two fuel stops, ($38.00 so far, our Saturn gets great mileage!) Stopped at three rest areas to stretch and ate our snacks and sandwiches on the go.
        I hooked up our Satellite radio in the car for the trip and boy does that sure make the miles go by quick. We just a dancing, toe tapping and singing along with the hits from the 60's. I even listened to an old story for a while while Suzie was reading her book.
1036 kms, (644miles)

the road and our Sirius radio
Suzie navigating and playing games

she can take a break and read for a while too
we passed a rocket ship !
         We checked into the Super 8 here in La Grange picked up a very tasty pizza and some wings for supper in our room, so we can relax. And get caught up computing.
        Now thats all done we can relax with the tv for a bit and call it and fun day. Only about a 9 hour drive tomorrow and we be there.
        Hey thanks for coming along for the ride, hope you had as much fun as us!
        Thursday we be in Canada eh!
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  1. You certainly are making good time and no snow either. I hope it stays that way. Have a great rest of the trip!

    1. Yeah good roads, hi speed limits, and not too much traffic.

  2. Hi George and Suzie ... We were going to drive home for Christmas this year, but snagged a seat sale, so decided to fly.

    But now, we have to rent a car when we get home, and I am unable to bring all my stuff back with us that I was planning to bring in the car !!

    Stay safe and have fun with your family .. Tnt

    1. Thats another reason we drove, just to make it simpler too.

  3. Boy you guys are making good time. Bet you will miss your bed. Although motel beds are great for MY back. haha. Hoping to pop in at the Open House Saturday. Drive safe you two. :)

    1. Yes do miss our bed and house already. Would be nice to see you guys if you can make it.

  4. Nice goin', eh? That pizza sure looked good. Looking forward to having our own tomorrow night.
    I'll race ya home.

  5. You are almost as wild & crazy as we are! Enjoy the party!


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