Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thurs. July 15th Arkona

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August. 2006

      Well we finally switched our satellite tv provider. We now have Star Choice or Shaw) Direct as they are now known. We have had Bell express view for years and has worked fine for us except if they find out you cross into the USA they cut you off. And reception in Arizona/California is limited but non existent in Mexico. We spent 3 months in Mexico last winter with no english speaking TV, and missed the Olympics. The only people who had English speaking Satellite tv in Mexico were our Canadian neighbours with a Star choice dish. So we took advantage of their offer, free receiver, dish and installation and no contract. It was installed and set up at our campsite last week in Buckhorn and works really well for us, and they will support us in Canada, USA and Mexico. Our old system used the automatic dish on the roof of the coach, real simple. Push a button, dish rises and acquires a signal. Now Star choice uses a different style dish so the roof one cannot be used, so I now use the tripod to set it up manually and amazingly it was pretty easy for my first time setup. Oh we can get an automatic Star Choice dish for our roof but it is pretty pricey, so we will try this setup and see how this goes, lots of other rv'ers use a dish on a tripod so I am sure I can master the system.
our new satellite dish
      In the morning I took a drive into the village and saw a couple of fawns cross the road in front of me, they stopped and stared then scampered off into the bush. A beautiful sight.
two fawns on the road
      Back home I puttered around and removed and reinstalled some more caulking on our coach, all the high areas are done now. By noon it was getting a little too hot to work in the sun 32c (90f) with the humidex about 40c (105f) but perfect for other less strenuous activities in the shade, like a walk about, chat with neighbours, and read a bit. 

     Mid afternoon a familiar trailer pulled in and it was friends of ours, Rob and Pat with their dog Lady Girl and 2 grand daughters. They set up behind us in the shade across the square and we got together for Happy hour in the shade, with a nice breeze and caught up with each others lives. The last time we saw them was Nov. 2008 in Willis Texas when we returned from our Caribbean Cruise and found them camped next to us. Its so nice to run into old friends.
Rob & Pat
      After this we had a yummy supper of a BBQ'd turkey breast with cranberries, garlic bread and cheese and fresh tossed salad. The campground wagon ride this evening was early at 6:30 pm to beat the thunder storms coming into the area. This they did and the skies opened up at 7:00pm with very heavy rains, thunder and lightning allowing us to relax inside for a change, read a bit and even watch a movie on tv.
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  1. Welcome to Star Choice (Shaw). What size dish do you have? We use the regular size at home but got the large size (no charge) for travelling as it is easier to pick up the signal.


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