Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sat. July 3rd Peterborough

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August. 2006

      Finally very warm and sunny weather,18c (68f) early morning and by early afternoon it 34c (90f).  Now this is my kinda weather, shorts, t-shirt, sandals and comfortable, no aches, pains or chills maybe even sweat a bit, it feels so good. After a morning walkabout and coffees we took a nice scenic drive to Peterborough Farmers Market.  For a nice stroll among the vendors with their interesting sights, sounds and smells of food cooking and fresh baked goods, fruit, vegetables and meat, thern we took a drive to find liftlock.

      Well the Peterborough Liftlock "Lock 21" is not so easy to find. Signs all over the city with arrows pointing the way, but when we got close, no more signs. But with a little scenic touring we found it. We have been here a few times before many years ago and it always is amazing to see this engineering marvel that was opened in 1904 and is still in operation. The highest hydraulic liftlock in the world (65ft) and its right here for us to see. We sat beside the canal in the shade for a while and watched the complete operation of the lift, I took quite a few pictures as it was lowering and raising. One small boat came out and another entered to be lifted to the upper level and carry on along the trent canal system.
      After our nice drive we returned home for lunch, and putter around in the shade, chat with a few neighbours, walkabout and read for a bit. Then BBQ a cornish hen and corn on the cob for supper with potato salad and of course some Swiss Chalet sauce on the side. Still nice and warm after supper I went for refreshing swim, then we were able to sit outside and read until it got too dark shortly after 9:00 pm.  

Strange Canadian Laws

In Ponaka Alberta 1914 a bylaw was passed prohibiting many things. To name a few you could not break, train or breed you horse in town. You could not tie your horse to any tree or shrub. Sidewalks were for people on foot only, no horses, bikes, wheelbarrows, even tricycles. 

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