Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sun. July 18th Arkona

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Rock Glen Falls
What a fun time with 2 of my kids, their spouses and 3 Grandchildren this weekend.
      Saturday morning and we are having a busy day, playgrounds, walkabouts, swimming, hot dogs and sausage for lunch, more playgrounds games and enjoying everybody's company. Then mid afternoon the winds picked up and the rains came. A huge downpour for and hour or so, the a few inside activities. A movie in the cabin and sitting outside watching the rain. Jane worked on a yummy potato salad, grilled veggies and chicken thighs for supper, soo good. The rains stopped the sun came out and with supper finished the wagon ride around the resort, always a fun time for the kids. We used the BBQ to dry out our soggy firewood, and Suzie got a nice fire under way for all to enjoy. More marshmallows and smores, stories and fun. Another nice evening under the stars.  

      Sunday morning, and sunny again. First thing in the morning my daughter came to visit for a coffee  and the kids for cartoons. Its nice that they have a cabin behind us and are so close. Once everybody was up a few of us went for a walk across the road to the check out Rock Glen waterfalls, and the conservation area there. Back home some playground fun then a swim in the pool, before an early lunch made by Jane again, then pack up as they had to check out of their cabin by noon. The kids participated in the Rock Glen Olympics in the Square right behind us having too much fun, the oldest came in second place and won a free slushie from the campground store. Then all tired out Kim and Brian packed up our 3 grandchildren for the 3 hour ride back home. Ken and Jane hung around for a while, relaxed and put some calamine lotion on their many bug bites. (the only ones here who reacted to any of the bugs). I guess we are immune.

      After they left we relaxed for a bit then joined Rob and Pat (our neighbours) for a nice happy hour then a quiet supper of a BBQ'd prime rib steak, potato salad, grilled pepper and sliced tomatoes. Then it rained again, a sign for us  to watch a bit of tv and have an early night. It sure was a fantastic, busy weekend with everybody here enjoying the great outdoors.
Here is link to a few of the many pics I took over the weekend.   
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