Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cooler again . nice day for some walkabouts, and enjoyed a hockey game in town.

Where are we today ?
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       Still waiting to hit the road and make our way to a warmer climate only 4 more days till we head out across the border.  Overcast and temps only got tp 52F with a cold west wind.
       Some coffees and computing done then a nice walkabout town for a mile or so. At least in the village I am protected from the cold wind, just need to add a few layers. We discussed a bit some of our possible itinerary and routes we will travel. Of course we always play it by ear no set plans really. Then before we knew it time for a light lunch.
        After lunch I took in another walkabout town and out River road beside the river for another 2 miles. 3 miles so far today.
corn field behind us soon to be harvested 
we do enjoy this very quiet place
heading down by the river
love the views here
near the end of this section of river road
     At 1:15 Grandson # 4 has a hockey game in town for the Peewee Rep team so we can do that,  From the cold outside to a colder arena, but the heaters were on in the stands so quite comfortable. Not too bad at all.
     When we got to the arena first thing we saw in the lobby was my daughter and Granddaughter #3 dressed in her warm winter clothes and looking right at me again.,
she made my day as usual
      Then out to the stands to watch the game these guys are sure fun to watch and heat there was a real bonus.
smiling and excited with the game
     Back in the lobby waiting for him to change and congratulate him on another great game played , they defeated Tavistock 2 to 1.
Hi Grandad!
     Then  we waited outside in the fresh air and sunshine to see the boys before we headed home.
Grandson #1 the timekeeper, he will be playing
here on Sunday
Grandson # 4 played an awesome game today
     Back home by 2:45 and we had sunshine! Yahoo, so we bundled up and sat in the sun enjoying reading outside in the fresh air for an hour or so. Got take all the sunshine we can get, always makes us feel wonderful.
       Then just after 4:30 time to begin with supper. Tonight a spaghetti squash we picked up at Juicy Fruit orchards when at Arkona . Love their prices when in season.
this squash was only one dollar!
     Easy to cook 12 minutes in the microwave with a TBSP of water on at the plate covered with saran wrap then just scoup the spaghetti onto our plates.
so easy, tasty and healthy
     I heated up some spaghettis sauce I made that was in the freezer with mushrooms and ground turkey. I also added a some chopped up ghost pepper to my plate. That my son grew in his garden. Oh my are these ever good, hot yes, don't need much as you can see on my plate.
the tiny red pieces are some ghost pepper,
moderation works for me.
         Supper done , dishes done can now relax for the evening,  at 6;30 tonight 48F outside don't think we will be sitting outside.  We do have a frost warning overnight. But I did go for a short walk across the road to catch the last of a nice sunset tonight.
nice to see the sunsetting across the cornfield
    That was our fun day here. enjoyed the sun when it came out and the hockey game as well. Seeing some of the family is always a bonus.
     Glad that you dropped on by and hope you had a wonderful day as well.    
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Congrats to GS#4 on a win! Do you have video calling when on the road? Skype, FaceTime, etc. You re so gonna miss GD#3 making eyes at you!

    1. Thanks Jeff it was a very good game, we do FaceTime and google chat, at time so we can see everyone. Yes I will miss here beautiful eyes and smiles.

  2. Glad your grands enjoy Hockey as much as our's.
    Counting the Days adds to the Excitement.
    Be Safe, Stay Warm and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. They all enjoy hockey all 4 on them like to watch them when we can.
      We toasty warm here.

  3. That baby sure loves her grandpa. Her eyes and the smile just can melt your heart.

    4 more days wow. I see some of out neighbors are back for the winter already.

    1. Yes she sure is a sweetie, she does melt my heart.
      Not long to go now till we head on out for some new adventures.

  4. We spent yesterday watching grandsons play football. We are enjoying spending time with them while we are back in KS for a couple of months. So much fun!! Glad you are getting in lots of fun times before you head south as well!! Those grand daughters can really melt grandpa's heart, can't they?

    1. Visiting with the grands and watching them play sports is so much fun. The grand daughters sure can melt your heart with their smiles, beautiful eyes and interesting expressions.

  5. I sure do admire your "no set plan" plan. Wish I could do that. I think it would be much more relaxing. Love your GD#3 pics. She's a doll!!!

    1. That is the way we love to travels, plans can always change and they do so we usually kinda wing it when we can.
      She sure is a doll, love here eyes and smiles.

  6. Oh George, that baby is just too cute, those eyes!! Love the way she looks at you! Boy it is chilly there. We start out at about 34 degrees and afternoons are at 75 or so. Liking these temps now. Can't believe you'll b crossing over in just a few days! How time flies i'll tell ya! Love your "spaghetti" dinner. Saw on a cooking show yesterday spaghetti squash pizza...gonna have to try that soon.

    1. She sure is a cutie, how can you not fall in love with her? It is chilly here and will get colder time to hit the road and slowly make our way to the southwest, taking the long way this year. Time does fly when we are having fun, that's for sure. Spaghetti squash is a very tasty healthy meal we really enjoy. The spaghetti squash pizza would be excellent , we really enjoy the cauliflower one too.


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