Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, October 05, 2018

Cooler again, and a busy day running errands and cooking.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
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       Quite cold overnight  when i git u at 6 am  is was 52 F inside (42F outside), great for sleeping, so I turned our heat on and got warmed up nicely in no time.
      First off the result of last night's hockey game. Not great. In the first few minutes of the first period our Grandson blew our his knee, not good. off to the dressing room and got looked after with ice packs  on it then he hobbled away for the night. We did get to see him for a bit but he was in pain hope he gets it taken care of and recovers soon. We did not see the end of the game but I know it was a close one think they were defeated 3-2.
These guys are very large and very fast 15-16 year olds
our grand daughter #3 sat right in front of us and kept looking at me
with wide wonderful eyes sitting with her mom
still looking at me sitting with here dad
       This morning about 8 am I headed into Plattsville, Pettigrew's garage to make an appointment to get our coach serviced next week and the repairs at sometime to our car. Chatted with an old friend there for quite a while then back home.
An intersting sunrise  this morning on my drive to town 
       Now back here my plan today is to cook up a 20 lb turkey I picked up on sale ( 89 cents a lb, that would be .68 cents a lb US dollars) here for our Thanksgiving meal on Monday at my daughter's in Aurora. I like to cook it ahead so it it all ready to serve when we get there, Just reheat it with lots of drippings, gravy and put the skin back on . Works grea, did that in my restaurant for years and works wonderful on the day of.
This be a nice 20 lb turkey
In the oven by 10 am
     Then soon time for lunch Suzie has been helping Sandy do some cleaning and we were all hungry . Lunch to day and (egg mc muffin) Ok a fried egg on an English muffin with peameal bacon and cheese, Much better than Mickey D's.
oh so tasty
      Right after lunch I did grocery run for Sandy to New Hamburg to pick up a few needed items for the weekend here.
      I like to roast a bird breast side down so that the white meat stays moist. In 4 hours it was done to perfection. I let it rest for a while, cool down and remove the meat form the bones, fall apart.
nicely done and moist upside down
    While it was resting I cleaned the wax off and cut up 3 Rhutabaga's. (Simlar to turnip only better) This is a chore, a very hard vegetable. Remove the wax coating and chop up.
3 nice sized ones.
they will be  covered with water and boiled.
then mashed with butter, salt , pepper and brown sugar
       This taken care of then time for me to make a salad  to go with some BBQ;d chicken for supper on their Weber Q.
Breasts for us drumstick for them
Sandy made some rice and veggies and
we enjoyed a very tasty meal together
     A good day for inside work and cooking, no time to read today. Still only 54F at 8 pm another good nights' sleep.
     Just a nice productive day getting things ready for our Thanks giving weekend with families.
     Thanks again for stopping on by. We looking forward to a few days of warmer weather, before it cools off again.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. That was a great price on the bird. I haven't seen prices that low around here in years, of course you might get close if you spend over $100. first. Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving

    1. Thanks JO It was a great price for the bird. I have not seen them for that price for a while either, sure was a good deal.

  2. That Turkey looked so good!Happy Thanksgiving to you and Suzie, George. Hope that your grandson is doing all right.

    1. Thanks Loree, the turkey will be enjoyed we all love it. I think he will be fine, young and strong, should heal quickly.

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandson's knee. Ouch! I'm sure he was disappointed too.
    Turkey looks lovely!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, George and Suzie!

    1. Thanks Patsy, I know he was sore could barely walk. He was very disappointed.
      Nothing like a good roast turkey at anytime in my opinion.
      You guys have a great Thanksgiving as well.

  4. Love the look from granddaughter #3!! A good turkey price makes Thanksgiving even better. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Thanks Nancy.
      She is always a happy baby and love her looks and smiles.
      Love this turkey and a really good price makes it even better.

  5. OH mY grandaughter is just too cute..those eyes would sure melt ya! So sorry for your grandson, hope he's doing ok this am. Turkey, chicken all look so delicious! Do the mashed rhutabagas resemble mashed potatoes when they're done? I bought turnips yesterday to try..

    1. Thanks Guys, she is a doll. Think he is slowly feeling better. Kinda like mashed our sweet potatoes cool then until soft, and I like to whip them up the butter and brown sugar makes it so tasty. They are very similar some people call Rhutabagas , Turnip are smaller. Chicken or Turkey of any kind we love.

  6. GD #3 has eyes just for her grand dad, she's a cutie. The turkey looks like it'll feed your clan, sure turned out looking good.

    1. She does have amazing eyes.
      The turkey done nicely thanks Jeff.

  7. Wonderful looking bird! Have a happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Peter we are ready for a couple of feasts. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  8. Too bad I didn't live in your neighbourhood years back when you had your restaurant. I would have been a regular. Your pretty amazing cook. Grand kids are precious and they will have memories of your visits with them. I normally try and get a rutabaga instead of potatoes when I do a stew in the instapot. That and brussel sprouts and an onion, I am in heaven. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Peter I did have a lot of regulars and some came from far away always nice to see them. I enjoy cooking and have done some very tasty meals. The rutabaga is very tasty and a nice treat that we enjoy. No insta pot here but do have lots of options.


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