Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Warmer weather and hockey tournament fun in St. Catherines Ontario

Where are we today ? 
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        Much warmer this morning next to no wind, gotta love it 60F (15c) at 6 am. Perfect for an early morning walkabout. And I did get a couple of miles around this wonderful conservation area.
this looks pretty quiet, but the campground in almost 90% full
only 7:30 am not many people out yet 
sun is beginning to rise
Back home can see a bit more but cloudy skies
      Then another walkabout down a couple of new trails that I have not been on before and the new bridges as well.
new bridge this year, very nice
nice trail around the ponds too
not sure about this house but is beautiful
       Back home just after 9 am and still nice and warm but overcast like it was most of the day. No Problem we have a hockey tournament to got to in St Catherines today. 25 minutes down the road.
wonderful huge sites here
        Left here at 9:45 for a 10:15 game the Seymour and Hannah Rec, centre in St Catherines only 25 minutes away. Grandson number 2 From Aurora Ontario is playing guaranteed 3 games this weekend maybe more depending how they stand Saturday afternoon.
This the place
        Now a major jr hockey tournament going on here, teams from all over southern Ontario. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2 teams about every 45 minutes all day long, actually hundreds of people here enjoying this fun with the families and kids.
number 17 is our grandson one of the tallest on his team, 13 years old,
taller than me and his Mom!
        Here we are Suzie and Daughter number 1 enjoying the game.
team pep talk and off they go
       A very fast passed game and before we knew all 3 periods were done. They played  a very good team from Sarnia and put up a good fight but were defeated.
         First game we had was at 10:15 then we went to Montana's Steak house for lunch. It was reserved for 2 teams. Our Team had a room for 40, Players including family. the other team in another room.
good choice for lunch
hope this truck does not fall
our team had this room
we choose a quiet spot for the 3 of us
      We had one 4 hours to kill so no rush for lunch We shared an appetizer  to start and was wonderful.
four cheese spinach dip
     Then we enjoy our main entre  al very tasty and sure hit the spot.
Steak Salad for Daughter #1
       Suzie and I both choose the grilled chicken and shrimp combo and it was excellent.
Grilled Chicken and shrimp combo
        After lunch a couple of stops and went with them to check into the hotel,  The Hotel was overwhelmed with all the hockey teams checking in plus a wedding party all at the same time. Some of the rooms were not ready and long lineups for check in even with 4 persons on the desk it was a zoo !
       Eventually the got their room in time to drop off their bags and back to the arena for next game at 5:15 pm. We rode with them for the day and did have some nice family time.
        Back at the arena Suzie and I had supper. We each a coffee and shared a small popcorn. That was all we needed. Before this round of games.
tonights supper
        Here we are back for another fast paced game. It was exciting, fast and disappointing all at the same time. The were defeated again Cambridge his time another every good team.
number 17 is our guy
game is over and they all had a great time
     We were on the edge of our seats the whole time always exciting. And the nice thing is even though they were defeated they all came out of the change room in good spirits. They tried their best and thats all they can do. Then they headed to the hotel to hang our with the team.
      After this game we headed back to 50 Point and our home, Back here by 7 pm and still very warm , loving this warm weather that has returned . Relax inside and finish this posting. After a fun day with family.
        Thanks for stopping on by and hope y;all had a great day as well. We back to watch more hockey tomorrow morning and cheer our grandson on.

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  1. I bet the grandkids are thrilled that you are there to watch them. Nothing is better than sending time with family.

    1. He did appreciate it I know and a fun time we had as well.

  2. What a nice way to spend the day, watching your grandson do something he loves. Plus, spending time with your daughter.

    1. Hew does love sports and is very good. Always a great time spending it with family.

  3. That was some parking job for that truck. Don't get any ideas to do that with your motorhome! ;c)

    1. It was kinda cool, don't our motorhome up there that's for sure.

  4. Beautiful morning pictures! It is beautiful where you are staying! So much energy in Hockey! The food and the charm of the restaurant are something else. What a great day you had!

    1. Thank you. The energy these guys have is amazing! The restaurant was great with all the crowds and did amazing with the food and the service.

  5. Now THAT looked like some YUMMY food!!! and what a nice campground with wide sites. That's MY kind of park!!

    1. The food was excellent, and campground very nice with huge sites.

  6. Looks like a great time with the family. Good the boys did not take the defeat personal. Nice campground.

    1. It was a great time and they do well wit not winning. Yes it is very nice, but pricey at $50.00 a night.


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