Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Foggy window repairs, and amazing hot fall day.

Where are we today ? 
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   What a wonderful mild and quiet night we had here and the full hookups a bonus as well. Up early as usual and got few nice walkabouts around town as the sun was coming up.
    Temperate is amazing and by 10 am I was in shorts, up to 82 f (27C) today and we really enjoyed it, The weather forecast for the next few days will be cold an rainy . so we took advantage of this while we can.
nice sunrise in town
across the road they have full body shop
and can do it all
this is where awe are for a couple of days
      These guys are real busy and know their stuff, 5 Guys doing it and all work like clock work. They have been doing these foggy windows now for 7 years after 2 years perfecting the process. We are very impressed !
a few windows we need done
they came in and began getting ready,
they had 3 more coaches to do before us
       The other coaches out of the way they began on ours, we said no rush. We have full hookups here and no reservations to keep. They started taking the windows out at 1 pm and got the 3 we wanted done in good time. We decided to get all of our windows done while we are here. They charge $200. a frame and other places charge that much for one pane off glass! All new seals and caulking as well. They have a 2 year warranty as well. Best we have found.
removing the first one 
these guys do it all and are amazing
what a great team
      Below is their shop and all set up the 5 guys just all work together.
      While they were doing this. I had  some to spare time so washed all the bugs from the front on our coach, waxed it again and cleaned the headlights on our car and coach as I do a couple of times a year, Very simple quick and easy with this product below I can buy at Walmart for about 10 bucks
this works for me
         We got to watch the process in the shop.Once the glass is cleaned  and sealed they use a hot glue sealer to put it all together, and this works really well for them, I was impressed , much better than cold caulking .
this hot glue caulking stays flexible too.
much better than the original windows
cleaning to up for the reinstall
    They made good time and decided to do another one today.
removing the bedroom window
     Now with this 82 f weather we enjoyed our e-readers outside in the shade, just because we could. Gonna get cold and rainy starting tomorrow.
what an amazing day it was
new seals and re caulking after the installation
back in place
they know their stuff
more caulking to make sure all its good
we are happy, these windows have never looked so good 
wrapping up for the day
    We did get some vey good reading time in too, wandered about town and picked up a few groceries as well. Then soon time to fire up our Weber Q 100 to grill a nice lean pork tenderloin  to add to our salad tonight.
done to perfection  150 f internal temp
so tender, juicy and tasty
perfect, melt in you mouth and leftovers
for lunches to boot
    That was our day here getting our windows repaired and will be here tomorrow to get the rest done as well, can't beat the price and like I said love their work.
     So nice to be able to sit outside , read and post this in shorts until 9 pm at this time of year, think that this will be the last time for quite a while to be able to do this though.
    Glad that y'all stopped in by and hope you enjoyed some great weather as well today.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Great job on those windows!! They look fantastic!!

  2. Windows look real good George, I know that you are happy with the outcome.

    1. We were so impressed with the process and price we bit the bullet and got them all done.

  3. The windows look great, so do the headlights and dinner! :) When it becomes time to have our windows done I'll look these folks up, nice touch with the free hook parking.

    1. Thanks Jeff we really enjoyed the weather today. I really like their work, very thorough and professional, and the free full hook up a real bonus too.

  4. From what can be seen on the pictures you posted the do a fantastic job. Looks like you have gone from a foggy view to crystal clear view.

    1. Yes they did do a fantastic job, we can see clearly now.

  5. That is impressive. Hadn't heard of 'foggy windows' until we got to Quartzsite and saw a tent, thought it was a glass chip fixer guy until your post yesterday. Now we know and we'll keep these guys in mind for when ours go.

    1. We had some done in Quartszite a few years ago, more expensive and not a good job, these guys are not there anymore.

  6. Nice to know a repair shop you can trust.

  7. The windows look great. We had are windows done when we had our motorhome. What a difference. Paul also did the highlights on the MH with the same product you used. Great stuff.

    1. Getting the windows fixed sure makes a huge difference.

  8. I'll have to remember this place just in case.

  9. Great job! It is nice to get the people who know what they're doing for jobs on our rv's.
    Glad you are enjoying the weather as well.

    1. Getting the work done by the pros sure is worth it.
      And the weather amazing.

  10. Great job on the windows, thinking it'll be worth that $$ you spent. Bet you made everyone around you jealous when you cooked that pork loin! I can smell it from here :)

    1. They are doing a great job, money well spent for sure. The pork smaller wonderful and tasted great, I waited until the workers were done here so as not to distract them.

  11. Now you can see where you're going. ;c)

  12. So great to find these little businesses along the way. We need our bedroom windows replaced to change out the crank operated louvered windows that no longer work but we have not been able to find anyone to do it.

    1. This place is and mazing find, so glad we found it. Good luck with your windows.


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