Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Final Hockey game this weekend, family time and a very nice day to boot.

Where are we today ? 
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         A very mild night again and not to bad this morning 63 f (17C) at 6 am really feels wonderful.
       Got a few nice walkabouts starting at 7:30 enjoying sunrise and fresh air  even it was overcast.
the field right beside our coach
not sure what these are but they are colorful
nice and peaceful here
        About 9:30 am we hopped in the car and headed to the arena in St Catherines. to watch grandson number 2 play their 3rd game in this hockey tournament. Again a very fast passed game they were playing against the Kitchener Rangers in their league. All these teams are very good, being on the rep teams they have to be.
number 17 is our grandson, one of the tallest on his team
there he is is action
Suzie and daughter #1 
he plays defence defending their net
         Bonus today, was my son Ken and Jane arrived with grand daughter number 2 to watch the game. So nice to see them again.
Hi Grandad!
my 2 oldest, Ken and Kim
     Then we took our granddaughter for a walkabout the arena and restaurant there, she made a bee line for the candies and machines.
nope nothing there
I can drive this Grandad , but can't reach the peddles
can you help?
oh more candies
         This was the 3rd and final game for them as they were defeated again, but not after putting up a good fight and an action filled game. I know they all had fun, enjoyed the camaraderie and all seemed to be in pretty good spirits. So no more play off games this weekend. But some of the players in his team are going on a Segway tour after we leave. They still have many months of hockey to go this winter. But we will be gone and miss them, do hope to get some updates of how they all do. In the meantime Grandson number 3 has hockey in Aurora, Granddaughter number one hockey there as well today, and Grandson number 4 a game in Plattsville, Plus Grandson number 1 had game as well. We sure can't be in all those places at the same time all over south west Ontario. Sure keeps the families busy.
       We decided to head out for lunch with the family and Jane recommended Duffs , because they have been there before, she used to live in St. Catherines.
       This is a small quiet Ma and Pa place has been here for about 30 years. Good food, good service, reasonable prices and not to busy.
a nice quiet area all by ourselves, perfect!
          Now they have great chicken wings and I have been trying to abstain for a while but just had to cave in.  So Suzie and I shared 20 wings, an order of fries, suicide sauce on the side (for me), and lotsa celery carrots and blue cheese dip. Heaven!
this was a nice feed,
once again no supper tonight
maybe a snack later
we all had a good feed
      Back home I whipped around the corner to the Super store for a few food things and parked beside this wonderful looking vintage early 1950's chevy pickup, Right in time for Halloween.
very nice
       Back home by 2 pm and nice warm afternoon about 74f (23c) but still overcast. So we got our chairs our and enjoyed a few hours of reading our page turners on our e-readers/ Its been a a few days so was wonderful. Nice and relaxing outside
a nice warm afternoon
       Anout 4 pm started to drizzle a bit, opened our awning so we could still enjoy the outside fresh air and stay dry.
            About 5 times we heard flocks of Geese squawking and heading south flying in formation. A few more days and we will be following them as well.
there they go
        After a wonderful filling lunch with the kids and grands we were not much hungry. But a nice light snack that we both love and used to do all the time. Some Millionaires Sardines, our extra old white cheddar and brown rice crisps that we also love.
these are excellent, if you like sardines, but only in Canada
love these too, only in Canada, we have a large stock for the winter
14 boxes so far
this sure did the trick tonight, one plate like this each
        It sure was a fun day watching the hockey and spending time with the family, so many memories made this weekend and more to come, While we are in the area.
        Just would like to thank y'all for taking the time to stop on by and check us out and hope you had a great Saturday as well.

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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. What a great day with family!! There is nothing better! Your pics are great as usual!!!
    Glad you all enjoyed your day together and enjoyed a nice meal as well!!

  2. Lots of hockey and good times with family. Glad to see you enjoying the last few days in Ontario.

    1. Thats for sure we have been having a ball, enjoying time with family and friends.

  3. Wow what a day! The little granddaughter is adorable! Love her hair. Wow those kids and sports..glad their parents have so much energy to keep up..guess that's why God gives you children when you're young, I'm tired just from reading haha..Lunch looked awesome!! Lots of food! Ken really liked your dinner snack!

    1. It was a wonderful day. She is such a sweetie.
      Lunch was awesome as well as our dinner snack, before to wrap up the day.

  4. Interesting idea to number the grand-kids, helps those of us who could not match up the names and numbers. I had a great time at your hockey games and meeting the family, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Jeff we sure enjoyed it as well. The numbers are from the oldest number 1 to the youngest. As a privacy issue so their names are not posted on the internet.


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