Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Into full hookups again for a bit and meeting up with friends. Oh Yeah got my new choppers too.

Where are we today
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      Early morning here as usual.The wind has died down and pretty nice this morning. Cool only 52 f but with the sun shine really can't complain. sure much  nicer then back home with 2 feet of snow.
of course another wonderful sunrise
         Over to the casino to use the garbage dumpsters and a view of the Canal here.
ducks in the canal
    We decided that we will head to Pilot Knob Resort part of our membership system where we can get full hookups and no overnight fees. Why not use the system? Think we will be here 17 nights. then where ever we go from here, no plans written in stone.
nice corner site
        Got here and checked in shortly after 9 am, and all set up. Made a bite for lunch and I headed back to Algodones to pick up my new dentures at 11 am. When I walked in the receptionist Samantha greated me  "Good morning Mr. Yates" Nice to go to a small dentist office here. New dentures and they are wonderful, don't think you want to see a picture of them though.
this the place
notice the tooth on the pillar
water tower in town
          I got back home by noon and our good friends Gerry and Melinda checked in. First thing Tucker came to see Suzie and they each got a fix and a kiss.
Suzie got her doggie fix again.
I picked this Brandy at the Purple
pharmacy only $3:75 US,
not too bad
       Walkabout the park, pretty quite here until Christmas, is off season until then.
horse shoe pit and Bcocee ball court
      I cleaned 8 shrimp for supper and froze the rest 24 shrimp for 2 lbs they are huge.
yesterdays purchase of fresh shrimp
       Shortly after 3 we joined Gerry, Melinda and Tucker for Happy hour then home to whip up supper.
nice too chat for a bit
preheat the Weber while I prepped supper
        Tonight a couple shrimp kabobs to go with our salad.
they do not take long
these fresh shrimp are wonderful
the weather forecast for the 10 days looks wonderful
       That was it for a very short travel day, new dentures and full hookups after 3 weeks of boon docking. And meeting up again wth friends.
        Thanks for stopping on by.
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Pilot Knob isn't a bad place to spend some time. We also like the CRA park east of Yuma. Obviously, we feel free is good too.

    1. Free is good we have the membership and like to take advantage of it.

  2. see you guys soon! Were you able to pick your sites? We mainly want to face south again. :)

    1. Yes we can pick our sites from the map in the office. 30 amp free is what we have site 202. 50 amp 5 dollars extra a day.
      Travel safe and see you soon.

  3. Good dental work... the better to eat all those delicious meals you make!!!!

  4. Do you know how much liquor a person can bring back each visit? I am trying to find out that info, but there isn't anything on the Internet that is clear. I have read contradicting articles.

    1. From what I understand one litre per person once a month.
      this site will confirm that

    2. Thanks. I did use this site as one I referred to. Rats. That sure isn't enough for us. Lol

    3. Guess you need to buy it in the USA much cheaper than Canada!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on bloggerfest. I went over and offered my help. I hope to see the two of you there.

    1. We hope too be there unless life gets in the way again.


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