Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, December 16, 2016

Very warm weather, Dentist in Mexico and a very fun day.

Where are we today
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           Just another very warm night and great sleep we had. As usual up before the sun and a short walkabout there area, then to the Casino to take care of our trash and then head to Los Algodones Mexico for my dentist appointment at 9 am (Arizona Time).
welcome to Mexico
     We have been here many times before so walked a couple blocks south then west one block, we found the dentist, recommended  by fellow rv'ers from Ontario . They had dentures done here before. So with so many dentists here we will take a recommendation . It was wonderful so far. Today they did an impression came back an hour later to choose the color of teeth I wanted and pick up new dentures tomorrow at 11 am. $600.00 US funds now how good is that!
       In the waiting room we watch the Tv english speaking show with Spainish sub titles throws me off with my hearing issue I have a habit of reading the captions. Kinda cool actually.
      Soon done the the impression and have to wait an hour. great time to explore all the vendors.
these pinatas next door, love them
     So many things to see and buy if you are in the shopping mode and remember to barter with them you can always get a much better deal.
nice court yard 
Lotsa hats CHEAP 
court yard is nice for lunch
have been here a few times
nice bicycle 
we checked out the  purple store
cheap booze and prescription drug
cheap Kahlua 
Frosted Flakes,
love to watch these guys and
their artwork
    Now this very has amazing Large shrimp from Rocky Point Mexico $10.00 a lb best price we found here so picked up 2 lbs and 2 lbs of red snapper that we love total $28.00 us dollars we will get a few wonderful meals from this.
look at the size of these shrimp!
need  a hat,. great deals
         After my dentures returned it was 11 am and a street vendor next door  took care of our hunger.
         We had a feast here for $4.00 and almost more than we could eat.
vendor right next to our dentist
Suzie got a shrimp quesadillia  for 2 bucks  
and me 2 fish tacos one dollar each
these were amazing
     Heading to the border the USA customs only a 5  minute line, I think the shortest  ever. The cars were in a much longer line.
      Back home by noon relax for a bit and a walkabout done by the water here.
 a very hot sunny afternoon git to 82 f
         The Indian reservation  guy came back and said we need a permit, no problem $10.00 for 3 nights. We moving tomorrow anyway. It is a wonderful spot but time for us to move tomorrow.
      Supper tonight reheat the chicken pot pie I made yesterday added to our salad and sure hit the spot
tasty again? yep
         Loving this amazing hot sunny weather, and wide open spaces in the desert.
         Again thanks for stopping by. Sure take this weather are here instead of Ontario Canada.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. What's the name of your denture guy George and do you have a phone number for him.

    1. I was referred here Dr. Ruben Marquez Villegas Dental Clinic on the corner of B avenue and 3rd st. USA phone number 928-227-1050 I like it because it was not too busy there and they were very friendly.

  2. Nice shrimp George! We have bought those before and they are always delicious! Good price on the teeth too.

    1. Looking forward to a feast if fresh shrimp. Like the price and the service is good too.

  3. Good Price for the Teeth.
    Everyone wants their money. Can't park for free.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. There was a sign that we need a permit to park here but no information on where to get one love the prices here. This land is on the Indian reservation not BLM it is a nice spot though.

  4. At least you were close and convenient for heading across the border. There are lots of bargains around there for sure.

    1. It is very convenient and so quiet, worked wonderful for us.

  5. I love the colours in Mexico, they are always so festive looking and I am sure missing the Mexican food this winter!

    I got my crown done in Algodones a couple years ago but I won't get it done in Algodones again. We were so annoyed that they charged in US dollars so once the exchange rate is done it is still cheap but it is even cheaper the further you go into Mexico. We now have a great dentist that we love in a small mountain town in Jalisco. She is great and even speaks English and they always charged in Mexican pesos and it works out to be about 20% less than at the border. As I said though, Algondones or any of the border towns are still way better than the prices in Canada or the US, especially if you don't like going further into Mexico.

    1. The colours and music always helps us enjoy going there.
      You are right about price difference, we are close enough to get the work done here and save lotsa money. We do like going further into Mexico and love the small towns, but we found it cost us more to travel and camp there. We enjoy the free areas we can find here in the southwest.

  6. Those are some very colourful stores!

  7. Lots of great deals for the gringos to buy. I know several of my blogger friends have gone to Los Algodones for dental work that they have been pleased with.

    1. Yes lotsa great deals, we too know a lot of people who have come here for deals as well.

  8. Great buy on your choppers, George! I am in love with the colours of Arizona and Mexico.

    1. Yes it was, we love it here as well that's why we keep coming back.

  9. We really enjoyed Mexican street food too! Great deal on the dentures and the seafood!

  10. So you weren't parked at the Casino? When I was there it was free - I hope it stays that way. Where is the $10/3 night area? I've heard the Casino charges that same thing, but didn't see anyone to pay, so I'm still thinking the Casino is free. It looks like you are near the canal.

    Glad you got everything done and are happy with the results. That sounds like a great price! :)

    1. We were buy the canal and a sign said need a permit but did not say where. We liked this better than the casino, the last night he came to check for permits. The casino is still free.
      Everything done and very happy with it as well.

  11. We will be visiting Los Algodones this winter. Haven't been there for a few years. We do our share to contribute to the local economy. Last time there, we bought a beautiful bird bath.

    1. It is fun, we only buy what we need and consumables, limited space we have.


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