Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, December 26, 2016

A relaxing day after Christmas and a nice visit with fellow bloggers.

Where are we today
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            The morning after our wonderful Christmas day in the desert with friends. Got a couple nice walkabouts just before sun up after some computing and coffees. Gonna be a very nice sunny day.
        Neighbour Gerry wanted to check out Harbor Freight and I went along for the ride. Lots good deals to be had there, but nothing I needed.
       From here we stopped at Best Buy looking for a part for our Sirius Satellite radio, no parts but we got a whole new system for $19.99 and 2 months free service, Now we have lotsa spare parts and free service for a couple moths , now that was a deal $70.00 dollar savings.
        Back home for a nice light lunch then I hopped in the car for a drive about some of the back roads around here I like to explore.
Love the desert back roads
around here
         Early this afternoon we had rv friends and fellow bloggers stop by for a visit. Have not seen them since last spring. Ray and Cindy we met them last year when we were here and they stay the winter in Yuma. When we flew home last February from Yuma they were nice enough to pick us up from the airport on our return. When they found out we were in the area they wanted to visit for a bit. Was so nice to see them again and catch up. Will most likely connect with them again at some point.
they brought Penny along for a visit
Cindy and Ray
Penny likes the doggie table
she is a sweetie
    We had a very nice visit with them but they had commitments and did not stay too long. No matter better a short visit than none.
     Shortly after 3 we had a few friends stop by to join our Happy/social hour. It was sunny but a cool breeze and our tree provided unwelcome shade. Still we could enjoy some time together outside discussing our days, too bad Gerry was not here for us to pick on.
       Soon we each retreated to our own home for supper. And Tucker stopped by to say hello.
You looking at me he says
        As I was grilling a couple pork chops on our Weber Q I snapped a quick picture of the sunset  over the Imperial Sand dines.
Almost always nice sunsets here
chops on our Q and a couple taters
prepared for homefried potatoes
some day soon
tender juicy chops and a tasty salad
sure hit the spot
       Just another relaxing desert day that we enjoyed after the busy Christmas.
       Thanks for stopping in and hope your day was wonderful as well.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Nice to visit with old and new friends but I wish you would send some of that warmth back up to Quartzsite.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That's why we left Quartzsite to come here for the warmth. You need to head further south.

  2. I can't believe that I actually added to my tan today and it was only 57F. I obviously found a lovely spot beside the Suite where the wind was minimal and the sun maximal. :) thank you for Happy Hour today.

    1. It was a very nice day, in the sun and out of the wind. Gonna be warmer today,
      Happy hour anytime is good just that we have shade here, makes it a bit chilly

  3. I see jackets! The sun is great but the temperatures haven't caught up yet, even in Yuma. It is cold here in Central California, but hopefully it will warm up a bit as we travel further south.

    1. It was after 4 pm and we have some shade on our site with a bit of a cool breeze, other than that is sure beats the cold and snow back home, no complaints here. It was quite warm in the sun.

  4. You always seem to gather a group. What fun the winters are. We're hoping we get to join in your Happy Hour group before it's behind us and we're all heading out of Arizona.

    1. As you know we always do Happy Hour, with or without a group, if you are around would be glad to have you join us again,

  5. Love that sunset picture!! I bet you have fun exploring those desert backroads!!
    Always good to run into good friends!!


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