Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wed. May 18th 2011, Sunshine!!!!

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       Up early this morning as usual hoping to see a sunrise, AND we did!!
blue skies!
       The blue skies, sunshine and warm, just love it. People walking their dogs, children playing in the playground, birds chirping soo nice. We got our computing and coffees done then outside to enjoy this beautiful day.  Walkabouts, chatting and puttering about in the warm sunny air.

playground is busy too
       Not a lot on the agenda, we don't want to miss a drop of those golden rays from the sky. I even got back to waxing out coach some more, finishing off the front and part of the passenger side, until another rver  stopped to ask about our satellite dish. Her husband had been trying for three days and was really frustrated. So I went to look and see if I could help. Well after checking all the settings, signal strength and all the other things they had done I suspected that he needed a new dish. Their dish had been blown over in the wind (in Florida) and the head (LNB) and had a small crack. So off to Forest they went, purchased a new dish with LNB, assembled it and wow, a great signal and they now have tv. Happy campers (they are fulltime as well and here on this site for the season). Time for a brew!

       After this social celebration we walked back home, read for a while, then fired up the Barbie to grill some pork chops, chicken legs, a couple small baked potatoes and some broccoli and carrots (with honey) for a tasty supper.
tasty supper
       Once we were done supper the weather cooled down and it began to drizzle again, so we can read a bit and then some tv before calling it a night.
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  1. Glad to see your sun is if it would only stay that way.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:
    Was awesome yesterday, but looks like no sun again today.

  3. Lovely to see that blue sky but not sure I like the new format. I had to bring it up twice to get the comment bottom. I'll try again later.

  4. Contessa :
    Thanks for the tip will see how it goes. Let me know, I was doing some editing when you posted.

  5. You fixed it! Good man! I still prefer to just scroll up rather than backspace but that's just me. I'll still read you! Now if only I could get my picture on the site I will be happy. Gotta find me a computer guru or is that geek?

  6. Contessa:
    Sorry can't help with the picture unless I was there, but should be an easy fix, good luck!


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