Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wed. May 11th, 2011, My very own Cell phone

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       Now this is more like it, sunshine and warmer again! Up early enjoying the sunrise and fresh air but no juice, no coffee, no food we are fasting before going to the Lab in Strathroy to get our blood work done for our yearly physical. So we get there first thing in the morning, in and out in 10 minutes then to the 7-11 store to check out a new cell phone, but first a coffee! They have pretty good coffee there.

       Let me tell you about this cell phone. We have our main cell phone thats good in Canada and the USA no long distance and no roaming. In the USA we purchased a cheap Track-fon for  $9.95 with no contract and found it works really well but only in the states. I was trying to find one similar for Canada, and after searching the internet the other rainy day I stumbled across Speakout Wireless  available only at 7 eleven Stores in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba. Well we think this is a pretty good deal. We bought an basic tiny cell phone (with built in Flashlight, cool) $49.00, but with $50.00 purchase of airtime we got the phone for $29.00. No contracts, no system access fees, free call waiting, voice mail etc... The $50.00 airtime is 200 minutes good for 365 days! and as long as we top up our time before the 365 days any used minutes are carried over. So for $29.00 and $50.00 or less a year I can have an emergency phone of my own, Suzie can now find me anywhere! This is handy because many times one of us has been out somewhere and need to contact one another, but we only had one cell phone, this should eliminate the problem. No I won't tell you the number only Suzie knows that.
new phone
       Touring around we noticed the fuel prices up again, as everyone does nowadays. Sure glad we don't have to work anymore with the price of fuel. With the car it now costs 9 cents to drive one kilometer (20 cents a mile). Our coach now is a different story but we do not need a lot of fuel in the summer time with moving a short distance every two or three weeks, we fueled up a month ago and still have more than 1/2 tank of fuel.
$1.41.9 a liter is $5.36 per US Gallon
       Well at $1.41 a liter at least we get Full Service in Arkona. As I am posting this I did notice that gas prices actually dropped 6 cents a liter this morning, is this a trend?  I think not, with summer on its way and the first long weekend of the season, I think fuel prices will soar back up, to record highs, as they have in the past.

       Back home to putter around, enjoy the warm air, sunshine and chats with a few neighbours outside, read for a while (in the shade) its quite warm today. Emile and Monique stopped over for happy hour then we fired up the barbie to grill a marinated cornish hen, potatoes with onions, broccoli and my favourite Swiss Chalet dipping sauce on the side.
A tasty bird
       Then we relax and chat for a while, and a a bit of tv before calling it a night. Love sleepng with the windows open and fresh air!
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  1. I just love all the research you do & share, mucho gracias. A great deal re the phone! Let you know what I decide. As to the fuel prices...up & down here, sometime 2-3 times per day. Is it a game? Have to try and fill up when it's on the lower end.

  2. Contessa:
    The phone works great and even has a built in FM Radio with ear buds! Check the coverage for your area (on their website) to see if will do the job for you. We fueled up the car yesterday only 20 liters thou for 1.39, today its 1.36 so only paid 60 cents more, but got 70 cents Canadian tire money.


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